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  1. i am desperately searching for your old skin for opera: internet.app v1 is it possible to re-up? and for the pinstripe.. i really liked the skin,looking forward for opera10 i am still using your first pinstripe;)
  2. hi matonga can you please reduce the minimum size icon from 48px to 32px? because some 32px icons looks way different and of course little icons means bigger space at least for me .. thank you so much for this little but mighty plugin:D
  3. personally i don't like CEO's , but i am worried his health as a human. get well soon Jobs
  4. is this differentiate at some point or is it a gg or hwg clone?
  5. still not so smooth on animations as rk.. so i will wait.. but it will be a very good app and i am sure it will be developed through time.. good job bobah, keep up the goog work
  6. thank you for non-stop development KSoft and thank you RocknGothAlien for your accurate skin.. it's delicious
  7. it's dying -i mean styler- at least on my part;) i don't have any bugs on my xpsp3 box, i guess i'm lucky
  8. and soon the styler will dead great effort KSoft, thank you
  9. i think it's a wb problem. i'm not using wb so i don't have these bugs
  10. whoa thank you for the info. i will surely try it when i arrive to my home
  11. great work. is it possible to make it for 176x220 screens? because there aren't any decent leopard theme for my w810i like yours
  12. i dont think it's a vector but it is a layered psd file so you can use the icons with layers, and if you can't do it by yourself i will surely save them as separate toolbar icons for you
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