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  1. Hi, for the record I'm posting this from my notebook. Let's see: I tried updating my desktop computer's BIOS, but it failed to do so, though it gave me a CMOS checksum error on reboot. However, all my original settings (not the default ones, but my own customized BIOS/CMOS settings) where there, just ok. So I continued booting into Windows. Then I checked BIOS version with CPU-Z and it was still in old versi My system specs: - Motherboard Intel Desktop DG965WH - CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 - RAM 512 Mb Kingston DDR 2 - DVD drive Optiarc SATA. That's barely all because I removed the
  2. stop using Internet Explorer its rubbish Use firefox 3.08 no Probs Im using 8.0 and it has its problems and is slooooow
  3. 5.4 is here i swear by it dosnt trouble me (Vista 64 sp2) I dont use any special docklets though Andeemac2006 http://www.aqua-soft.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=51155
  4. Sorry to ask this PANTA but have you updated your Green Glass skin for the latest XWindows Dock, I think 1&2 are the best thanks, and thanks for reading
  5. Hey Panta have you converted your Green Glass skins yet, I think there great i will still use 5.22 until you update them Thanks By Panta: edited. Please, don't increase text size without need... also, don't post things like this at the main thread. :slant:
  6. Happy Christmas BOBAH13 didnt you do well in 2008 " Three cheers for BOBAH13" I hope you have a great new year,, Cheers
  7. Just some info for everybody have you seen this web site ????? its V Good http://www.iconlook.com/
  8. I Would like to Know what you think about my Dock icon and Png's ??? Have created a win ZIP file (it is Zip) X Dock iconPng.zip
  9. My XDock working great ... Question do you really need docklets like i Cal and a clock ??? I find Program's fill mine ?
  10. No you Wwhhooo a minute all i was saying that, what I have seen of the new Task bar -- Dock in windows 7 is rubbish and the work that Bobah is doing, deserves some reward, thats all !! And you Know TweakVista (made by Stardock) is a superb piece of Software, it disengages all the annoying nags that Vista comes with. out of the box My PC boots straight into my log in. ( I live with my wife in Las Vegas and I have no children, before you security fiends start up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) well done Bobah!!!!
  11. Thanks BOBAH13 how wonderfull is your dock!!!! It far superior to Rocket Docket, i put my Pictures folder in the dock and to my amazement !!!!! it opened out to show all my Pictures when I clicked it,, fabulous . Im running Vista 64 and everything is working great You should approach StarDock and get some money for your efforts, Really I mean, even Microsoft dont have the talent you have // have you seen the screenshots of Win 7 with there sort of dock, Pathetic .
  12. Sorry Panta, You were right, I now have adjusted Comodo OOps !! my error and yor right its free and very Beautiful. I have stopped using Rocket dock for now.
  13. Wonderfull to look at , really but on Vista 64 the first time i clicked on Adobe reader or Photoshop icons to launch it sort of locked up the computer, or rather maybee comodo firewall locked it up trying to ask permissions "Is this OK? to launch from XDock" if you see what I mean And on Blue Glass I had a 2'inch Black area around the dock Also Mouse over was not as smooth as Rocket Dock I give you 10 out of 10 for effort, but using it with Comodo firewall and maybe Vista 64 Prem sorry, not quite there yet
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