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  1. Stick with xwindows dock 2.0 but maybe import some features from 5.6. Things I'd like to see 1. Finish docklet support. 2. Zoom on mouse over. 3. Improve Stack navigation into folders. 4. Improve previews of images, videos, audio. 5. Add stuff from docks in linux (search,etc). By the way using your mod, running stable just using 4-5 extra megs of ram,no increase in cpu.
  2. Hi there everyone has anyone used a program called BlueStacks...it just release in beta and its using rocketdock zipped with stackdocklet inside that. Install and take a look guys. />http://bluestacks.com/
  3. You can try Stablauncher or Stick ...Hopes this helps. EDIT: Have you tried to update your microsoft .net framework 3.5 before using StabLauncher?
  4. Try digsby http://www.digsby.com/ with this skin http://digsbies.org/site/content/project/os-x-leopard then add a adium messege style http://digsbies.org/site/content/page/how-...ersation-themes (digsby can use some adium messege styles) from here http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=search&cat_id=5 and you good to go.
  5. When I unzip from context menu it gets corrupt and when I open it up in an unzip program (like izarc or peazip) it asks for a password.
  6. Hi Smaky...Great Docklet! could you describe how to get sinfest to work with it, thanks in advance. thank you Smaky and Merry Christmas... you've just made me and my girl's day.
  7. @ atreiu yes it is using the 40 - 50% cpu all the time with no icons, docklets or anything.
  8. Oh yeah I forgot, It works great on my XP machine. Yes I did try xp compatibility in vista.
  9. Can anyone help me xwindows dock is now using 40-50% of my cpu (I used process explorer) on startup with not a thing on it.This happened witha couple prior versions but then it worked great with 4.8 and 5.0 then it start back with 5.2 and 5.2.1. I'm running vista home pre sp1 (32) other progs that run on start up: rocketdock,stablauncher,switcher,menuapp,xneat windows manager,ubericon,madotate,avast antivirus and comodo internet security. I've killed them all and vista aero with the same problem persisting. I don't mind much if I can't use this great dock but I would like to at least like to
  10. Hey BOBAH13 i'm getting 90-100% cpu useage when I run your dock.I'm running vista sp1.
  11. Is anyone getting any problems in vista.Its constantly sticking on my vista laptop but running perfect on my XP desktop. I'm running Vista Home Pre SP1, java 6.10 beta, .net 3.5,
  12. WinExpose crashes on startup when using directx but works well in software mode. I'm using XP Pro Sp2
  13. Great App!...just one request thou, can it have an option for fullscreen,any media that it can play after selecting would now be shown fullscreen.
  14. Hi Matonga love all your software (since I use most of them!)...I think this is what you're looking for. Have a Blessed Day/Week/Month/Year. CubikDesktop-2007-11-07-beta.zip
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