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  1. Xinh, schmengie (and others). I tried an external monitor, no PC letters in the background there... So, I'm taking my Inspiron to let a local pc-software/repair shop look at it, and try something like the Linux/Ubuntu boot method. I'm rather uninspired after this bug/burn-in and start to believe that it's the government that's put it there...trying to PsyChe me out...
  2. Thanks guys (davidsword, ojalord, virstulte). I will try looking for spyware, and hook up to ext.mon. PS: The PC is barely a year old, and has not been used much. The letters are omnipresent - from boot screen to finish, it's almost as a burnt image, though not likely. And it came after I uninstalled FAK. But if it's spyware or hardware related, I doubt if I have the skills to find it, though a saw a partition awhile back about 8MB that I couldn't reformat... Perhaps this is the culprit? I'll keep posting as I go 'till I get this fixed. Thank you all for replies, much obliged.
  3. The desktop picture I get from using prt.scr does not show the two letters "PC". They are permanently situated in the middle of the desktop, and cover about 60% of the screeen. They are faint, background images, probably colored black, and are best seen when the desktop background color is gray. On white it is at it's dimmest. Other than that, I am disappointed that Flyakite osx 3.5 would leave such a sticky file in someones registry, just for having tried their software, and then regretted it. Any help to get rid of these two letters will be much appreciated, and thank you for the reply.
  4. How can one get rid of the faint letters "PC" that are always on the desktop (in this case a Windows XP Dell laptop) from having uninstalled Flyakite osx 3.5 - and having reformatted the HD more than 10 times? Is there a file in REGEDIT that needs to be removed? Please, help.
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