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  1. Yee try to google about WordPress, it is blog platform, free with many free themes. Also you can buy template for only 50$. Good Luck !
  2. Thanks to all of you for nice comments
  3. My Vista RC2 (a pseudo-review) review with many screenshots ! Windows Vista RC2 Review Hope you will like it
  4. Hello. I am on RC1 5536 build. Now i don't have Aero (only radeon 8500) and i use this new look of vista. But i see on some screen in computer magazine this nice screenshots with vista look with normal windows but not so blue (like original) but gray. It looks superb nice. I search for answer how to make this on my vista. The colors was similar to that. http://www.zdnet.co.uk/i/z/rv/2006/09/vista-rc1-i6.jpg Prabably this is the colors i am looking for. How to make this is Vista ? The question is can i change colors of Vista Basic style ?
  5. Very nice font you got there in Firefox/Win 888xw.
  6. Thanks, finally VS for Windows !
  7. Very very nice style Amazing !
  8. I like it alot, great looking icons.
  9. Nice, thanks for avatars.
  10. Very nice, thanks for those Vista alike wallpapers.
  11. I see that, very nice
  12. Mgs0008b221 i've added your stuff to VistaStyles here: link Thanks !
  13. My favourite is Pristine OS, Vista alike mod.
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