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  1. TD Smooth Stripes For a long time I have wanted a 1:1 port of the ultimate theme out there; Smoothstripes. In my opinion it is the best GUI theme by far. What 10.1 Aqua should have been. Like Eylo, Max is backing me up on this one. He also wants to see a 1:1 SS on XP. Stay Tuned ~TD
  2. Looking awesome... Thanks bro,...can't wait till you release them! ~TD
  3. With GillBates' help. I was just trying to work with PearPC for the first time yesterday. This is very sad news. My heartfelt condolances to all involved. ~TD
  4. It is beta but it should look exactly like in the preview shot on the devart page. 1. Install all fonts as instructed in the readme. 2. Enable cleartype. 3. Make sure font size is normal in appearances. Text should not be grainy, and glyphs should be normal. ~TD
  5. As promised new version is up. -Brighter taskbar -Correct colour and spacing of blue apple. -Standard panther style captionbars. -Tiger style menu highlights. -Open up msn/trillian and wait for a message for a surprise. Enjoy and give some good feedback, where should we / apple go with this GUI? Download ~TD
  6. Yea this is probably what will happen. ~TD
  7. Guys thank you all for the quick responses. Some updates: a few people have offered to help with resources, so this should get going pretty quickly. I did find a screenie with the proper blue apple colour, mine indeed was from the Apple PR shot, and is too dark. I'm also going to change the windows back to standard Panther style, I.e. not the single colour they are now. A version with these 2 (and maybe more) fixes will be uploaded tonight. As you know we cannot differentiate between titlebars in XP. It's either Panther style throughout or this single colour style throughout. What ar
  8. Resources folks, who has Tiger screenshots?
  9. TD Tiger 0.4 http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/v...nshot-16920.png Download Theme is real, real, beta guys. Just wanted a taste for the look and feel of Tiger. If anyone finds more Tiger resources this could be improved. In the next release I think I will go back to the normal Panther caption bars, I don't really like it like this, maybe with another Yz toolbar it would look good, I don't know. READ THE README! Version History: TD Tiger v 0.4 ------------ -Beta version using TD 4.02 as a base ~Three Drives Three Drives on a Vinyl - Greece 2000 (York Remix) Made
  10. Goku, I told you I'd get it done before the end of the week. Nice to see this place is thriving... PPS: Anyone seen Iceman? ~TD TD 4.02 ------------ Update: -Photoshop bug fixed! Thanks Stefanka. Download
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