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  1. Thanks for the exception list. Havent had time to try it out until now. Would it be possible to change the speed of the windows?
  2. Is there a way to make it show I can see my wallpaper while exposing? Edit. I saw that no one else if having this problem. I am running Win Vista 32bit. All I see if a black background.
  3. Could you make a exclusion list for the next version?
  4. Why is it worse. BTW I havent downloaded the new one, I dont feel like transferring my skins.
  5. Does anyone know if boaoh (sp) is planning on releasing a new update to the dock?
  6. Does anyone know where I can find Dock Rings. Sorry I do not have a picture. They are the indicators but they are rings that wrap around the icon. I hope this make some sense. If anyone kind find them that would be great. By Panta: moved. Please, don't create new threads for things like that... :slant:
  7. I couldn't figure out how to do windows reflections. I click the button for windows reflection but I do not see a difference. By Panta: moved. I'll start deleting posts at the wrong thread!
  8. I loaded up the skin and then saved it but it still doesn't show up.
  9. I think when the new version is posted, it should be posted in its own thread.
  10. When should we expect to see this new version? Will it be released with the website?
  11. My problem is the exsculstion list doesn't work. I tried everything from setting the window to setting the app name. I am using 32 bit vista premium.
  12. thanks I will try this once I get home. I'll just have to exit the dock if I want to play a game. If anyone can offer any advice why the exsclution list doesn't work.
  13. Well I am sad to say I have went back to rocketdock because of several reasons. 1. The exclude list for minimizing does not work for me. 2. Rocketdock minimizes the whole program of photoshop. Xdock only minimizes part of it. The brushes and layer boxes don't minimize with the rest of the program. I will be waiting and hoping that the next version will fix these little grips.
  14. Im using Windows Vista 32 bit home premium.
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