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  1. like the close button on the left!! may be i'm blind . but is there an option in the tool for that close button
  2. this app does what you looking for only with a right click - http://dm2.sourceforge.net/
  3. love this blue gloss thanx. do you have any more like this? - drives etc
  4. where does findexer save its config? registry ini file where? i'm trying to get this in my unattended cd.so was wondering if theres way to restore configs
  5. This is cool work. first new trick i've come accross is the last 3 years for xp lo Thanks Khalua
  6. Thanks for this - marking files already
  7. Thanks ! new skin are even better
  8. Autoruns by sysinternals is the best ever tool to find whats autostarting link: http://www.sysinternals.com/utilities/autoruns.html
  9. where can i get the brushed theme on the browser? http://stevegrenier.wincustomize.com/Preview.aspx?Source=http://skins3.wincustomize.com/SteveGrenier/wb/4881.jpg
  10. relax i didn't find any such problems. thanx for the files again
  11. i think he means the file had a virus and attached itself to all his files
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