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  1. Works perfect when I create 1 pidl shortcut.. then i try to make another one and everything works except it rendering the image...
  2. Yep, she emalied it to the hotmail msn one. I think i am safe guys. Probably a joke if she wanted to kidnap me she would have contacted me again. lol. but still, if you have more information just give some more feedback.
  3. @KAWS very funny... lol. @nicho I am have posted my initials but nothing more, not my full name. Its probably one of my friends..
  4. I deleted her email, I don't know her, I don't know any melissas soi guess i am safe now.
  5. Ha! Really. Most likely not I bet it is just a joke.
  6. I have a Myspace, but its set to private and no one is allowed to see my email unless i let them.
  7. Please help me, I am very very very freaked out right now. This morning I received an email from someone I don't know who called them self Melissa. She said some things and its very scary to me because she might be one of those crazy online people. Here is a copy of the message. "Hi (my name)! My name is Melissa and I go to (school's name) High School, one of my friends goes to your school which is called (my schools name) right? (she is right) Anyway, my friend is really cool and said you were cool so she gave me your email. I hope I can talk to you more and meet you in person some time!"
  8. ^^ I would try upgrading your OS! I dont think anyone else in this thread has windows 2000.
  9. I do, i use Vista Shortcut Manager.
  10. I created an Applications folder in my user folder (C:UsersJDApplications) and placed shortcuts of all my applications in it. When i open up the stack and click on an icon i get: http://img111.imageshack.us/img111/512/error1iy0.jpg Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, JD
  11. Thanks for Checking it out
  12. My blog is actually pretty good though, 17 views a day! (www.jrem95.wordpress.com) A domain name for me soon though, and yes I know I am just "renting" from wordpress, but who really cares, they are a good host and are very popular, and work with my browser when I want to blog an article. Making a site popular or a blog popular is you want something that someone wants, for instance, I provide articles and tech news, and soon to be, guides. It all depends on what audience you want to appeal to. For instance, if I wanted to attract government officials to my site, I would discuss politic
  13. ^^ ok, the others work but the wallpaper one doesnt..
  14. This has probably been asked before, but how do I change what icon i click goes to. Like the desktop and screen saver thing goes to my desktop icon thing, i want it to go to wallpaper selection. I have already tried going into the file and editing it and i saved it but nothing happened O.o any ideas?
  15. After a unsuccessful forum I decided to go all on blog. You can find various articles on my blog with interviews etc, most of them I have written, if not i will have stated the source. I hope you can drop by. Leave a comment, give me an idea for another article, or just drop by and take a look at what I have to say. Thanks! www.jrem95.wordpress.com
  16. Love the skin! Big fan of your gui and alx's gui and my site/gui!
  17. Crashes RK Launcher, Objectbar, and WMP all the time. also when i run quicktime i get the BSOD. but i guess thats apple's fault for not making it compatiable!
  18. purry

    AveDesk 1.3

    HELP ME! 1. I download avedesk 1.3 from the official website. 2. extracted files to c:program filesavedesk 3. double click register 4.double clicked avedesk.exe 5. click on the avedesk icon in the system tray 6. added a pidlshortcut 7. customized the pidlshortcut Nothing appears on my desktop. no pidlshortcut?!?!?! I also tried running it in xp mode since i am on vista and still no luck.. PLEASE HELP
  19. Hiya. Well this is my site. Its my blog and tech news etc and there is also a forum where you guys can chat if you want. I know most of you will find my site boring but its cool. Sometimes i release a icon or a wallpaper or something. so.... Drop by if you think it might interest you! Thanks! EDIT: jrem95.forumotion.com. I am expecting a domain name within a few months. The more posts I have the more points i receive which goes towards domains, space, transfer space, etc..
  20. Love the app. Except no one is willing to make widgets.. LOL... Sooo.. for now its kinda not really helpful to me.
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