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  1. Hey. Have you looked at skinning Project Tools yet? I have made an icon for the skin called forum_old_project.gif for the skin (attached) so if anybody wants to use that, go ahead.
  2. Already updated . No visible differences yet though :s. Time Machine is running as slow as ever! James,
  3. Go to http://www.sefreak.com/ Click the padlock Username: student Password: random1
  4. I am allowed to use the skin. I donated to the site. James,
  5. Another way is Right Click Destop. Properties, Appearance, Adavanced, (DROP DOWN BOX) Icons, Size. You can also change font properties there. James,
  6. I donated to the site which means I get access to the skin. So the answer to your question is yes, I do have permission.
  7. I know. I only started the site a few hours ago Will sort it all out tommorow! Need to sleep now
  8. Hey everyone, I am working on a Leopard FAK like program. It will be released soon! For now, here is the site. http://www.skonned.com/ Enjoy James,
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to know how the wiki is integrated? Thanks. James,
  10. Hey everyone! I am going to be working on a new application. It is called Skonned. It basically skins the whole of Win XP easily for you to look like Leopard. I already have the Leopard Desktop, I am just packaging it into an installer for all of you to install. I have just registered a domain for it (won't post it here due to advertising etc..). Here is the desktop you will be looking at getting once Skonned is released (and installed ). I will post a thread here when it is released. The site is coming soon! Post feedback. James, Note: There are a LOT of credits for me t
  11. Hey everyone. I decided that... I am going to dual boot XP and Windows 98 (or maybe 2000) and simply skin the 98/2000 to look like Leopard. That way, i will use up a lot less memory etc... whilst still getting a great look Almost every program that I know supports 98 What do you guys think? James,
  12. Hey everyone, I downloaded the leopard shell32.dll all hopeful only to find out it was german! I did a bit of research and have merged/replaced some things to make an english version . To use this download Replacer and replace your existing shell32.dll with the one you are about to download. This will put all the latest leopard folder icons etc... Replace will auto backup the old file so if you want to go back you can. Please note: This will only work with Windows XP. I am not responsible for any loss or damage caused. After copying you may be prompted to insert your windows d
  13. Hey everyone, I have the german leopard shell32.dll file here and want to get all the ICONS from that and put it into my existing English one (would release it then). Does anybody know how to replace the whole icon group?? I have got all the icons from the German one i just cannot find out how to add them all in at once! James, EDIT: I read the sticky and used the tool! It is all done now! Will release the file
  14. Very good... But where is the save image button?? lol. I am seriously missing something! James, EDIT: Found out how to save it but the image is messed up! I have attached a reflected icon. EDIT AGAIN: Fixed it!
  15. That's linux. I think there is a program out there for Windows. Not sure though :s
  16. Thanks (i saw the preview ) One question... How on earth do you replace it? If you go to copy then it says it is in use -.- lol. I tried killing explorer but then i cannot copy lol. James,
  17. I know. That is why it is a beta style release. Thanks though. Edit: Fixed it! (the debug error) Doing the transparency now!
  18. Here is version 1.0.0 of iCalc! This is a Mac Calculator that i have been working on. It is currently at version 1.0.0 but I am developing it a lot. Here is the readme/credits included with the download: Thanks for downloading iCalc! iCalc is a Mac Calculator lookalike for all of you enthusiasts who want every detail of your mac windows desktop to be perfect. This is version 1.0.0 and i am working on it all the time! Please email your suggestions to [email protected] Please also visit my site for my online game at scape-server.org Thanks for reading this! James, Upd
  19. It isn't at the moment but that is a good idea... I will look into it. I have just made it smaller and changed the title font a little as well James,
  20. Been working on it some more Here is the latest pic When it is done then i will release it EDIT: Here is the newest new picture (nearing release now Just need to make a nice icon for it!) Who wants it?
  21. Hey everyone, I know a little visual basic so i decided to make my own mac style calculator from scratch. Here are my first attempts (not finished at all obviously) Not to bad for 30 minutes work eh? Going to keep working on it and get the buttons nice Comments please James,
  22. Thanks. I have just been looking around and have found a great little tool called reshack. It lets me edit all of the Windows exe files so i can make the explorer.exe ACTUALLY like a mac. Learning how to use it at the moment but it has a great visual dialogue editor that lets just drag all the buttons around. It has a built in compiler and also lets you save. Already played around with the calculator I think the first thing i will make is going to be a mac calculator look a like James,
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