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  1. I dont get it. It only replaces some of the files, and the other ones are left looking like sh*t. Help, if you can?
  2. Would you mind if I asked what Leopard shell32 replacer you got? cuase, Ive been looking for a leopard shell32 and couldn't find one
  3. Everytime I open xwindows dock this comes up And even when it stays open for more then 5 seconds I can't do anything thing to it. Or it will freeze PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. Um... yeah, so when ever I open up XWindows Dock 5.2.1 I get this error message like 5 seconds after opening it So if you could please help me, I f you can.
  5. Help me pleaseee!!!! Im using avedesk1.3 and im having problems with it if I leave and explorer window running for more than 2 minutes and I spontaneously close it out it shuts down the whole avedesk program down how can I fix this?if I even can:(
  6. When did I double post?or were you even talking to me?
  7. Ok now thats was seriously funny! lol and I'm not being sarcastic,that really made my day:)
  8. and its my 1st wallpaper I bet u your 1st wallpaper wasn't perfect.
  9. oh your ever so kind,asshole*he says under his breath*
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