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  1. http://sketched-dreams.deviantart.com/art/...Beaver-89365046 Busy busy busy...
  2. I haven't kept up with the updates, seems like I missed some stuff Looks great! I also like the plugin feature. That would be useful, since I started using torrents a couple months ago. Is there a way that the icon sizes can be changed? Example: (I believe this is done in leopard) The less icons you have in a stack the bigger the icons should be. But the more you have the icon sizes should decrease. I hope that makes sense. Its nothing major useful, just something flashy
  3. .......... I don't know if I should just snap and start chewing heads off or what.... Not in a good way either.
  4. Really cool! I had to look up the song going on my ipod soon lol Also I like the XP version it made me laugh so much xD and the lyrics matched so well "its a shame, its a shame" BSOD!
  5. Featuring an icon inspired by a mod from Pinky Von Pout
  6. You can look on my deviant art account sketched-dreams.deviantart.com and look for the PHT coversutra skin. Follow that layout
  7. I found this neat little application called Style Builder yesterday night. I was browsing the web looking for a DVD icon template then I bumped into this. Style Builder makes an icon out a DVD case image (such as a scan) Well not exactly an icon but its a .PNG file you can convert to an icon. The website is badly designed but the application is quite useful. http://mediaicons.org/StyleBuilder.aspx It works on Windows, Mac and Linux (you have to install this thing called Mono for Mac and Linux) Other than that I think its quite nifty. Give it a shot if you have a lot of movies on your compu
  8. I know this thread is old, but I'm glad I found it. I could never figure out how to get my objectbar to control itunes.
  9. Wow that would look great if the exit min max button didn't look like the ones in itunes :x But great none the less
  10. Not something I would use, but I think it looks fine *Internet hint: Since the internet gives some people sense of anonymity they usually take advantage of that and insult users or down rate their work. Don't let it get to you *
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