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  1. i did that, but with no success it happened to me in 5.0, 5.2 and 5.2.2, with every skin. but thanks for your help! i don't have docklets in my dock...just shortcuts and 2 stacks
  2. i've found a startup(?) bug: everytime i change the dock items(like adding or removing shortcuts), xWindowsDock looks like this at the next windows start.when i quit and reopen the dock, it looks normal again. any help?
  3. lol no problem, just wanted to point that out
  4. The XMail Docklet works great for me! But could you please remove the "check" box that pops up everytime it checks for emails?(every 10 minutes) It's kinda annoying But, great work so far with the docklet!
  5. best dock ever imo anyway, i'd also like to see a "real" leopard skin (the whole dock panel size is bigger ) + a setting for the space between icons would be nice keep up the great work ! Edit: an option for the icon-mouseover text font would be nice too!
  6. yo buddy check these out http://myssynen.deviantart.com/art/Leopard...-icons-74123133
  7. This is so great.. i would love it, if the icon could change when the stack is open. is that possible?
  8. Hey i have another request..could someone please reflect this icon? thanks.
  9. Can't wait for the latest release is it difficult to add other countries to the guide magnet? (because i'm german:D)
  10. Hello is it possible to make the mouse-over labels of RKLauncher look like in leopard? (with that black bubble thing:D) Screenshot: http://www.oreillynet.com/mac/blog/images/newdock.jpg That would be great. So if you have any ideas, please post
  11. Yeah, I'm also looking for something like that...has anyone good ideas?
  12. Yeah, there is a skin.ini file, but i have no idea what i have to edit, sorry:D here is the one i have: i tried to edit it at [icon]width and heigth, but nothing happened... ... [iCON] Width=512 Height=512 DayXOffset=9 DayYOffset=16 MonthXOffset=0 MonthYOffset=0 [sINGLE_IMG] UseDraw=1 BaseImg=cal.png OverlayImg=overlay.png DayFormat=dd MonthFormat=MMM dayX=64 dayY=90 dayHAlign=1 dayVAlign=1 dayRotation=350 dayFontSize=42 dayFontStyle=1 dayFontColor=0 dayFontName=Arial monthX=7 monthY=49 monthHAlign=0 monthVAlign=0 monthRotation=348 monthFontSize=21 monthFontStyle=1 monthFontColor=16777215 m
  13. It's an ObjectDock Docklet, but there is no Autor name..(1) I have 2 other calendar docklets, but theres the same problem with the date.. the first is iCal 1.0 by Paul Andrews (2) and the second is Calendar Docklet 3.4 by Andreas Verhoeven(3).As you can see, the third displays no date. they're all ObjectDock Docklets.
  14. I'm using the standard calendar docklet, which is included in RK Launcher..
  15. Thanks..now it looks like this: any ideas to get the date in the middle? Oh, and i'm using RKLauncher.
  16. Thanks very much! but now i have a problem with my calendar docklet: does anyone know how to fix that?
  17. can anyone please reflect this icon? I don't have Photoshop and it doesn't work in iReflector... thanks.
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