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  1. wow really nice! i luv the brightness
  2. geez matonga! you'e did it again! a really nice app witch reflect the windows perfectly! the icons are not reflected in rklauncher on xp... not tested in vista yet does it suppose te reflect the icons too? i've missed that in the description... gratz on this app! (i can make an icon btw! ok?) greetz, fyton5
  3. hmm i really wanna learn how to program too... i wanna make nice standalone emulation programs like a finder clone, finderbar or about screen. i know some css coding from firefox skins and the ieview templates in miranda IM but they are easy to understand. what do u think is the best lang for me? greetz fyton5
  4. http://iconka.com/free/ then the second right.. are these the icons?
  5. yeah! make a nice about box with an icon and the version number! (i can make an icon )
  6. as you see in the picture the fan mode has some problems with very large filenames. can you fix it so there are dots when the name is too long... "large filename large filename la..."
  7. works on right side now! thx rk launcher... vista home premium EDIT: aswell in fan as in grid mode
  8. the file monitoring is a great idea! and.. its leopard behavior
  9. yup.. thats right! left works fine... but the icons are totally displaced when the dock is right-placed
  10. @ archdevil: http://www.justinhorner.com/host/StackDock...-2008-01-15.zip there u go
  11. (please say if you don't want any more bug reports just trying to help) another bug: (rklauncher build 282, vista 32bit) when putting the dock on the left side of the screen, the dock has to be restarted before the stack comes out on the right place. but when putting it on the right side, restart, open a stack the icons are totally out of place.. u see them in the left screencorner and then they animate out of screen EDIT: weird... no restart is needed anymore after you've restarted the dock for the first time (first bug) greets fyton5
  12. thx matonga! nice feature (auto closing at hiding) works really good! another (not important!) bug: when choosing an icon (rklauncher build 282, vista 32bit) the normal rk-icon-selecting window comes up. when u choose an icon which is NOT in the "path to rkliconsfile.png" but for example in "path to rkliconsset onefile.png" it "forget" to put in the icons folder... the result "path to rklset onefile.png" ... this path does not exist off course] sorry for my poor English i hope u understand it greets fyton5
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