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  1. http://www.avedesk.org Desktop Grabber is on this page: http://www.avedesk.org/desklets/misc/
  2. Just tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it. Once I had reinstalled it and clicked the "run program" button at the end of the installation it made almost every single process I was running crash, which then caused my laptop to reboot because all the essential windows processes were being killed as well... Which was fun. In conclusion your program does not work under Vista SP1 from my experience. Edit: And i'm still getting exactly the same error messages that I had before when I try and run the program.
  3. The program was running fine until I upgraded to 4.5, but now I get exactly the same error messages as janosch500. And after I close those error boxes I can't drag the dock icons around to rearrange them. Oh well, back to Object Dock Plus I go for now...
  4. Just tried it myself and it kinda works, but it's very slow.
  5. The thumbnails are faked for the screenshot. I just created some mini png versions of the images and set them as the icons. You could try that Xentient Thumbnails program Bj├Ârn linked too but I don't think it'll show the thumbnails inside KK Menu.
  6. Seems a whole lot of hassle just to get an icon.
  7. It's not your desktop. That's just a screenshot of Leopard... There's no way to have the stack curve in windows, and there's no coverflow/finder clone. Why lie about that?
  8. Kk Menu doesn't work properly in RK Launcher, it works fine with RocketDock, and ObjectDock though. You have to edit the Kk Menu settings to get the text length correct
  9. Probably best to use ObjectDock if you want to emulate stacks for now, at least until Kk Menu works properly in RK Launcher.
  10. I hope your going to get permission from the people who made those skins and icons then. Downloading other peoples work and then trying to pass it off as your own work is not cool IMO.
  11. You'd have to completely rebuild most of the skin to do that. It would need a new background image for a start, and then most of the code that controls where the text goews would have to be rewritten. If the text was on the right I could just make it resizeable, but Apple had to be awkward and put it on the left. :| I'll make a wider version for you if you want, how wide would you want it to be? {{EDIT}} Wider version: LeopardStacksWide.zip
  12. What size are the icons your using? It looks like they're being resized from 32x32 up to 64x64? Kk Menu doesn't handle icons very well, when it resizes them they get all blurred like that. You'd be better off installing some higher quality icons if your going to use the dynamic folder feature, or making some make custom menus using png files.
  13. Loads of people were PMing me asking for this so I uploaded it for you all. Jet Black Leopard for ObjectDock Download: http://skyjohn.deviantart.com/art/Jet-Blac...ctDock-69146711
  14. I'd already stripped out the text myself, but thanks anyway parry. I've got a sweet little reflective calendar icon now.
  15. Thanks Timan, I can make my iCal Docklet now.
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