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  1. hey guys I know its been forever, but ive finally found the .gui file and would be happy to give it to anyone who wants it! please pm me and Ill email it to you
  2. although this does look very good, Windows 7's "dock" of sorts is also very intuitive and good looking as well...I might end up having two docks, lol
  3. I'm sorry guys, I have to go back to my records to find it, hopefully I won't come up empty handed! I'll keep you guys posted.
  4. Edit (9/6/2009): Although I can no longer work on this project, I have finally had a successful beta test, with no problems or bugs. Within a couple of days, the final version of 'Lanther' will be released on a different thread. Thanks to all who were interested. To all that would like to download it before the final thread is posted, the .gui is linked in this post below, enjoy! (10.3.9 users only please) File should be attached to this post. If not, PM me for the file... This Release .zip achive includes: Leontere .guikit, Leontere Screenshot This Release does not include: Camofluage, Clear
  5. I will credit each person I took the reflective icons from as well as the makers of all the other programs I am using to skin the OS, but those are the only items I did not skin/create myself. I will not try to credit myself with other people's work. I am simply trying to give those with an earlier system the new Leapord look. Sorry if it seemed misleading. I am using: Themepark iReflector iMage vsdigital's reflective icon sets Menushade Cleardock Yahoo Widgets Icons provided by this site from multiple persons My own menubar apple My own menubar spotlight My own menubar background My own b
  6. Hi. I have scanned the internet, and have found some of what I have been looking for in terms of skinning the 10.3.9 Panther OS. Reflective icons, a skinned menubar, and the new aqua metal windows have been added in this fully functional .gui kit that is to be released to the public soon. This screenshot has "menushade". "camoflauge", and "clear dock" on, and when I release "Leather" or "Lanther", I will link the downloadee's to those programs, specifically for 10.3.9 users. Please comment, I want to know how to improve this to be one of the best themes available for 10.3.9 users. I have
  7. I have Panther still, and do not want/need to upgrade yet. If you read my profile/signature, you will see my main goal is to not upgrade, but to skin, patch, and optimize Panther 10.3.9 to look like Leopard. I am using "Themepark", an application that allows you to customize the look and feel of the desktop, dock icons, and others. It creates a .gui pack that you use in shapeshifter to administer the changes. I have looked all over the internet for the Leopard Black Apple logo on the menubar, the blue highlight color when you select something on this menu, the leopard 3d dock, and the new
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