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  1. I was lookin @ Bink.nu and found a link to a cool page @ M$ that talks about switches you can add to your boot.ini. Neat info. I use /kernel=filename to load myHTPC instead of explorer on my HTPC. ----------------------------- Links shoul be tagged with a [link] tag, thank you The Topic Has Been Tagged // Seph
  2. Give a look @ Mini-ITX.com for lots of cool small PCs. Im going to build my next HTPC with one of VIA's boards
  3. Whats funny is that when the case 1st went up it was $200. I almost bought one. I bought a house instead.
  4. This might not be the best site for that request. Joe is gonna kick ass this year. (I hope)
  5. After you delete the partitions you could also use the XP disk to fix the master boot record. Put in the xp disk, run the recovery console, pick which xp install you would like to boot in to (usually you will pick #1) then type: fixmbr. Answer Y to the dialoge (I think it asks "are you sure") Then exit.
  6. There used to be Hi-Res shell32.dlls @ Hardwaregeeks or Designtechnika. I cant seen to find it now. Ill look to see if I still have it.
  7. Your so right. I made one. Looks to be one named "open" folder but it has a clone cd Icon in it. Maybe I messed it up
  8. Ill email 'em to whoever wants 'em. PM or e-mail me. Its a 3.34meg rar.
  9. Ive been lookin for a good D.C. image forever. Im lookin for something like The Mall or The Monument. Maybe @ night. Any links are cool.
  10. Nice sir. Ive been wanting to change that icon. How about a Gordian Knot or DVD2AVI one? I made 2 but they were just redraws. Thanx.
  11. This used to be the link. I know it was restricted for awhile but its doing sonething differnt now. Looks like a redirection but the bandwidth limit was reached.
  12. I found this little app over @ Shell Extention City Mozilla Optimizer 1.6.1 - The site is in German but there is an English readme. The readme explains how the tweeks are done. It looks to be settings, not file replacement or anything. Im gonna test more later. If anyone else uses it, let us know.
  13. Mostly data transfer speeds. If I remember right though USB2 is faster than IDE. Just lookin for personal experience with this setup.
  14. I am lookin @ getting an usb2 enclosure so I can use my DVD burner on mulitiple computers. I was wonder if anyone knows how this might affect the drive?
  15. I have a home media server with 2 250 gig drives 1 160 and a 80. All are gettin pretty full. I have lots of divx movies recorded TV and mp3s(60 worth of porn ). A Terabyte drive sounds cool but not external. A SATA or SCSI Tb drive would rock. Why dont they have BIG SCSI drives and how fast is that external?
  16. Damn. Waited 4 months to get a post on this. HA!
  17. As much as people b!tch about M$ & XP I really like XP. I slipstreamed SP1 as soon as a guide came out. Zero problems. I think depending the machines use you NEED to know how to set it up. ie: Services and such to turn off. I got a some side questions. When SP2 comes out, do you slipstream that into a SP1 install disk or do you start from a base disk again. Also, are the steps to slipstream SP2 gonna be the same as SP1? Are there any features in SP2 anyone is lookin forward to?
  18. I was goin fr a leather that looked like the current box set. The best texture I could find was to use Jyrik's Darkleather Apple. Below is the DVD texture.
  19. Im making dvd art for some of my Divx DVD movies, mostly for the exercise. But I was wondering what some of you guys think. This one is for the Indana Jones Series. I got some other things in mind to do. Some font tweakin and positioning of items. Comments about piracy,copyright will be ignored. This is for personal use. Bigger
  20. This looks like a cool player. Thanx. Can it do anything BSplayer cant? Give me a player that can span both my desktops and Ill cheer! I can do this with media players if I change the way my 5700 handles the monitors. but It acts like 1 massive desktop and it makes things weird. Thanx again Im gonna play with this now.
  21. Im lookin into gettin a Western Digital 36GB 10000RPM Sata drive mostly to see if theres a noticable speed difference. Im usin a Maxtor 120 gig ultraATA currently. If anyone has used one or even SCSI id like to hear your opinion. Im mostly lookin for the answer to: "Is it worth the $ for the speed?" The price isnt bad but still its $.
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