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  1. Man those are beautiful! Very nice idea. Gotta see how the fit with my VS's. Thanx.
  2. Sh*tty webcam pic. I got married last friday. See the ring?
  3. Stunning sir. Thank You. Very nice looking.
  4. "arpeggios from hell" is SICK!! A friend showed it to me. Im not a Yngwie but he is talented and the vid is awesome.
  5. Noboby likes wookies. Even If they can tear your arms off.
  6. Does anyone know what determines what controls how often the bitrate display is updated? I was thinkin it was a script. I use VBR and its way to fast for my tastes. If playboy lets me relese this Im thinkin of callin it "Amped iPlay" or "iPlay-Amped".
  7. I forgot to say in the title Im talkin about Kapsules. Im tryin to move the position of the weather image realitive to the background in the default weather widget. Im tryin to move it up alittle and to the left. In this config what do I adjust?: THANX.
  8. Your right Steve. Many years ago to my suprise I found that their sound was poor. (Being a sound engineer is a b*tch). A shame for such nice lookin hardward. Ill stick with my Infinity and Harman Kardon setup.
  9. Here's what I've done: Bigger I gotta contact playboy to see what he thinks.
  10. Thanx amnesia. The girls will love this. (MMA goes to put on wifes laptop. )
  11. Thanx Cerebral. Thats exactly what I was lookin for.
  12. VERY nice. Pretty professional. Maybe a black variant? Thanx also for the dual-monitor ones.
  13. I was wondering. Is there is an argument I can add to a shortcut to only launch the write mail window? I looked through their fourms but found nothing. If anyone knows other arguments please post 'em. Thanx.
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