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  1. Im wondering based on this: echo off color C echo Killing yzdock taskkill /F /IM yzdock.exe color E echo Lunching game ... c:\program files\battlefield 1942\bf1942.exe echo Game Lunched ! echo off color A echo If you press an key into this command line , yzdock will be lunched. pause C:\Program Files\Yzdock\yzdock.exe echo Yz'Dock lunched ! How do I launch multiple apps along with Y's? I did this: echo off color C echo Launching UT2004 taskkill /f /im YzToolbar.exe taskkill /f /im spoolsv.exe taskkill /f /im YzDock.exe taskkill /f /im YzShadow.exe taskkill /f /im FreeShade.exe task
  2. WOW! Man. Makes me wanna give my stove a look. Glad to see you alright.
  3. Very nice. I really like your site to.
  4. Wow. I forgot about this. Thanx for the help. this is good.
  5. Thanx to all for their help. Im gonna sort through the programs as soon as I get some time. Im kinda busy with the family this week. \M/\M/\A/
  6. Im hoping its not too complicated. IP settings, the directory, port settings and permissions. If you wanna get me goin any info is cool.
  7. I wanna share a directory of mine on the internet. I want it to be able to come up in a browser. If thats a webserver than yes.
  8. I think I got it alittle wrong. I wanna run a FTP server from my home. I havnt got to check out all the suggestions, I had to make that clearer. Sorry if there was a mixup.
  9. Very nice monkey. Have you used RealVNC? Tight looks kinda neat. Are threr any features of tight that you really like? File transfer between server and client look nice.
  10. I run 2 widgets right now and thew take up 4.5 megs. I think it might depend on the widget.
  11. Congrats on the kid sir. Ill have my 2nd in september. Its a blast. Their your own little social experiments.
  12. I instantly loved Kapsules. I think it will be big. There are new widgets for POP3 mail, Drive status including automount drives, Volume control and more. Check it out.
  13. EVERY computer has problems. On the PC side of things I make a ghost image of a base install of all my PCs. I put that image to DVDs. Ive only need it on my main PC. The one I "F" with system files the most. I havnt had XP mess up on me unless I broke it. I can usually fit all of my programs, minus games, in the image.
  14. Thanx Viper. I did have it set up. Not thats is mission critical but do you know if it a bayesian filter. Everything Ive read says its one of the best.
  15. Im lookin for a Bayesian filter for Thunderbird. Does anyone know of one?
  16. OOOOOOLLDD... I thought VideoMann was back.
  17. I remember when he was shot. That was a weird day. When political things happen they always seem bigger when you live near D.C.
  18. Its so funny. After not playing with a iPod for awhile I start to look for mp3 players. iPod I dont even look at because of price. A friend comes over with his and I remember how nice they are. Ill probally break down and buy a iPod but I want a 80 gig one. I have 58.9 gigs of mp3s now. There was a Nomad Zen Xtra that looked nice but the iPod is so sexy.
  19. I work @ Gable Signs. I bend neon glass and work in their metal fab shop. Its awesome because I have all the tools and supplies to make computer cases. We have some perforated aluminum that looks just like the G5 stuff. I was thinkin about makin a G5-like case for the new Mini-ITX board Im buyin.
  20. It looks nice but it seems the newier major players only exist to sell you something anymore. I dont like that Winamp has somewhat fallen into this category. :6
  21. American History X There is another pic, I cant find, right near this scene where he looks completely nuts. Edward Norton was robbed that year. He should have recived the Oscar, not Hanks. I love the message of this movie.
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