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  1. Best explaination is adding more info, programs to a install disk. ie I have SP1 "Slipstreamed" into my WinXP Pro disk. So when I do a clean install of XP, SP1 is already in there.
  2. Does anyone know how to slipstream DX9 and WMP9 into XP? I already have SP1 slipstreamed. Any FAQs or websites would be appreciated. Thanx.
  3. Yea, I have friends in Canada and Buffalo NY. and they think we are sissies. But for this region this is some ****. I GOT COMPUTER PARTS TO BUY DAMMIT!
  4. Airports are closed all over the storms path. I have 23 inches this morning. Some ****. Oh and VideoMan come drive in D.C. you will see what traffic is.
  5. I found a program its just caled CDTray. I will e-mail it if u want.
  6. There talkin about floodin here on fri. because its supposed to be 50 degrees. Aint mother nature great .
  7. Im in D.C. and I have 17 in. of snow in front of my apt.! (For D.C. area thats alot)
  8. This is the only thing I could find on the differnce between XP-NTFS and Win2000 NTFS. "NTFS improvements A number of improvements have been made to NTFS that further enhance security, performance, and reliability. The default access control list (ACL) on NTFS volumes is stronger now to improve security. It’s now possible to use EFS to encrypt the client-side caching database. Also, the Windows XP Explorer uses the Read-only directory flag to increase performance when the directory contains metadata." Link- http://www.longshome.com/winxp_vs_win2000.htm I dont know if any of this is signi
  9. juniperlater I believe that OSX can read NTFS drives (On an IDE chain) because Unix can. This is my understanding. This whole inquary came about because I have put my XP-NTFS formatted drives on OSX and Win2000 IDE chains (Slaved and all) and neither machines saw them so before I format my USB2 laptop drive im just trying to minimize any cross-platform hassle. Thanx All
  10. I say"XP-NTFS" only because there is a suttle difference between it and some forms of NTFS. I thought it was differnt between XP and Win 2000 down to NT4 and so on. I will do some investigation and get back to the fourm. Thanx
  11. Thanx VideoMann thats what I was lookin for. Looks like I will stay NTFS. I might format on a Win2000 machine though. My Win 2000 and Mac friends have had problems reading my XPNTFS drives when on a IDE chain. So I will use it on my USB2 drive as well. Thanx for all the info.
  12. The security im not too worried about (I have a mirror of the drive) im just tring to clairify 2 things. 1. Is it possiable to format a 60 gig drive with Fat32 ?(I heard it wasnt but seems to be possiable) 2. Does OS10.2 or Win 2000 have any problem seeing XPNTFS (There is some difference, not sure what) when on a Win 2000/Mac IDE chain? I have had problems. Thanx all
  13. Thats right Three Drives its cluster size,NTFS=4k and Fat32=8k I think thats it. but I thought of the cluster size NTFS was faster? Less data to sort though and all. Just to clear it up I stuck myXPNTFS drive on the IDE chain of a Mac. Not A share through a network. Thanx for all the info.
  14. Your not supposed to be able to format Fat32 drives larger than 32-some gigs. I swear it is possiable though. And not to be argumenitive (spellin?) but NTFS is faster. Its something with how much a sector or something is, or how big the data is thats assinged to your data. Cant remember how to explain. I just dont want to use it because of the security features. Its given me trouble before on simple ****. Reason why Im asking all this is because I got a 60gig laptop drive and a USB2 case to use as moble storage for my MP3s.
  15. I know that OSX is supposed to be able to mount NTFS volumes but I put a XPNTFS drive on a OSX machine and it wouldnt see it. The only thing I can think of is its a difference in the NTFS in XP. Does anyone know how to format with a non-XP NTFS or how to format a large drive (60 Gig) with Fat32? Thanx.
  16. I want to edit a shell32.dll file and I want to know is Reshacker the only way to do it? Is there a simpler program? Thanx
  17. QUOTE ObjectDock: This beta has expired. Please visit www.stardock.com to obtain the latest version. Then Why Is This Happening? Weird.
  18. Ive Looked At These Boards For A While And I Never Knew That ObjectDock Was Time-Trial. Is This Really True? Sorry For My Igrorance. Will It Go Pay? I Hope Not. What Will It Cost?
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