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  1. Heres what I use: Allsnap Its worked great for me.
  2. The 1st Korn album is good but thats besides the point. Nice skin sir. I look forward to it.
  3. I got tired of the total "Aqua" thing awhile ago. I still come for the people and great art/apps.
  4. I looked around for awhile but cant find one. I even looked around the web to make one for myself but can't seem to find a good image. Anything 128x128 is cool. Im sure people know I mean PNG not Pmg like in the title.
  5. WOW. I just looked in on how this was going. This is a great skin. Very easy on the eyes. Goes nice with some of b0se's themes. Thanx for the hard work.
  6. I use a maxtor on my home server and its been solid. As to the speed issue I have to respectfully dissagree with Mr. dreamz here. I saw a instant increse on my server. Its VERY noticable if you raid them also.
  7. Thats sites, uh, killer. Give this a look.
  8. As a "User" I found AveDesk the easiest to get right in, use and configure. I use Samurize for more technical stuff such as system stats on my current and remote PCs. I just display that info as small text on the desktop. I tend to think that apps like this that are free and have a solid base tend to do better because of community support. Ive watched samurize grow for a long time now and its got one of the best communities around. Thanx to all the developers of these apps they are all very good. I look forward to how this thread develops.
  9. This is really, really nice sir. Thank you. I do get some "Magic Pink" pixels at the top of the window when I set the window scaling to 75% or below. I look forward to the final.
  10. Thanx Sir. This is awesome. I used to have a real clock like this many moons ago.
  11. I dont know for sure but it sounds like David Gray. Maybe that might help your search.
  12. I really like GAIN but I switched to Miranda. Which has been actin' funny lately.
  13. I slipstreamed it and all seems fine except that I cant right click on the start menu.
  14. Thanx for the torrent theunknown. They are a thing of wonder. EDIT: I just found a M$ LINK for SP2. And heres a LINK to slipstream SP2 into XP Pro. I think the steps are the same except for the "Boot File". Not sure.
  15. Yes, I believe you can. If you have an .ISO image of a XP disk you can edit the .ISO image with your files if their not in a .cab or something. Even then I think its still possiable you just have to go another route. Try looking up how to slipstream a service pack and go from there.
  16. Ide like to know also. The 1st Sony was nice. I also agree with StevieBM. Unless its the Playstation or their TVs, Sonys electronics have lacked over the last couple of years. I used to love their "ES" series of Hi-Fi equiptment. I went H.K. and Denon.
  17. I luv you josh. Heres mine: Psyopus - Ideas Of Reference This is the sickist thing Ive heard in a long time. They were awesome @ Hellfest. Heres a press snippet: "Stemming from the diabolic metal scene of Rochester, NY - the birthplace of such exaggerated sounds as Kalibas, Sulaco and Lethargy - comes the mathcore extremists known as PsyOpus. This project was conceived during the fall of 2002 by the unorthodox guitar work of´┐ŻChristopher "Arpmandude" Arp, Rochester's regional winner of 2001's Limp Bizkit Guitarist Search, and the technical absurdness of grind drummer Greg Herman.
  18. I have to give my thanx Ave. This is awesome. I was using Kapsels. This made me switch. Again, thanx and continued success.
  19. I bought my copy of Pro through my wifes work for $60. I 0wn mine.
  20. Thanx all for the help but I still cant get more than 1 program to launch after my game exits. Heres my code now: echo off color C echo Launching UT2004 taskkill /f /im YzToolbar.exe taskkill /f /im spoolsv.exe taskkill /f /im YzDock.exe taskkill /f /im YzShadow.exe taskkill /f /im FreeShade.exe taskkill /f /im winamp.exe taskkill /f /im YzDock.exe taskkill /f /im UltraMon.exe taskkill /f /im UltraMonTaskbar.exe taskkill /f /im Kapsules.exe taskkill /f /im explorer.exe taskkill /f /im Client.exe taskkill /f /im Rainlendar.exe taskkill /f /im miranda32.exe color E echo Lunching UT2004 ... "C:
  21. Thanx sir. The game does launch but its getting things after "explorer" to launch. I dont know if Im missing those "echo on/off" or what. I dont know what Im missing.
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