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  1. I heard and posted this morning. Ive had all day to think about this. Ive been bummed about it. I never get bummed about people other than my family.

    This whole thing is just so weird. NEVER would I have guessed this would happen. I feel so sorry for everyone who was shot. In the end to lose Dimebag is so sad. Its a completely sh*tty endcap to my teenage memories. Being 16 and foolin' around with some slutty metal chick I met at a party while "Cemetary Gates" plays in the background. Or sitting around with a bunch of stoner friends gettin a contact buzz while listening to "Planet Carvan". Thrashing around the house by myself with "Fu*king Hostile" blasting because I was pissed. Now his death will forever be linked to those memories.

    I gotta believe that Phil is pissed also. You cant be in a band with guys that long and not feel pissed. No matter what bullsh*t they were goin through now, they would've worked it out eventually. 100% Now this a$$hole has F'ed up ANY chance of this happening. THATS WHY HE WAS PISSED RIGHT?!!? Now it will never happen.

    I dont know how to feel. Im sittin here typin while blastin Pantera. Man this sux.

  2. I seem to be having a problem after I did a clean SP2 install. All my configs + the example ones will only show up after I "Reload Config". Then its fine. I looked around I didnt find anything that talked about it. Any help is cool. ;)

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