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  1. Ide love to see it go open-source. I just switched to Ubuntu linux on my main PC and AveDesk is one of the apps I miss the most. Some people say Gdesklets but AveDesk crushes it.
  2. Wow. This is great man. All these new updates are makin it hard to fully switch to Linux for me.
  3. Ide try Ubuntu man. The live CD is really good. I use it installed everyday now. I only go to windows when I have to do some media encoding like DivX. Give Gnome-look a shot for themes. Nice Aqua ones there. Click image for 2560x1024
  4. Man. Thats terriable. It would be cheaper to have someone buy and send it to you.
  5. THIS is funny as hell. This guy stuck 4 iPod Shuffles together to make a 3.9 gig RAID.
  6. I do the whole HTPC thing. I wish TwistedCPU was still around to give you info from a thread I started. I currently use a MSI mobo with a AMD2100 CPU, nVidia 5600 GFX, Gig of ram and a 30gig HD. I dual-boot XP/Linux. The XP side acts as a normal PC. The Linux side runs a frontend called Myth-TV. HTPC News is also a great reference.
  7. I heard and posted this morning. Ive had all day to think about this. Ive been bummed about it. I never get bummed about people other than my family. This whole thing is just so weird. NEVER would I have guessed this would happen. I feel so sorry for everyone who was shot. In the end to lose Dimebag is so sad. Its a completely sh*tty endcap to my teenage memories. Being 16 and foolin' around with some slutty metal chick I met at a party while "Cemetary Gates" plays in the background. Or sitting around with a bunch of stoner friends gettin a contact buzz while listening to "Planet Carvan".
  8. If this is made the ability to hide a tray icon would be cool. Re-run the exe to make it appear. Good luck.
  9. This app, nLite, is a great program to slipstream service packs and strip out unwanted items.
  10. Good for you Duckie. Ive tried a couple of times and never got to where it was really usefull everyday. Missed some reall good apps from the Pc even though I found some awesome ones for linux. Like The GIMP. If anyone hasnt tryed GIMP out you should now. Its out for every platform and is awesome. Gives Photoshop a real run.
  11. I was wonderin about the decreased traffic myself. Ive been very busy with my family. This is my 1st post since the new board. I give a look here once a week and usually get 3 pages of new posts. I remember gettin 3 every day.
  12. Havnt posted there yet. I looked around for awhile but nothing. Ive been kinda busy with the family.
  13. 1.55. Its kinda weird. Totally clean install. New configs. Same problem. I have to "Reload Config" every time. I have no clue.
  14. If its in the start-up folder then it should return with the same toolbar that you were using. Unless.... I've had problems with Y's Toolbar when in "User" mode. Are you a admin? If you are, Im not sure then.
  15. I seem to be having a problem after I did a clean SP2 install. All my configs + the example ones will only show up after I "Reload Config". Then its fine. I looked around I didnt find anything that talked about it. Any help is cool.
  16. Thank you for all your hard work herd. I remember when you came here and made your intro. You talked about the programming languages you knew. Looks like youve put them to great use.
  17. This is awesome! Thanx! Gotta change the skin though. \m/
  18. Absolutely beautiful work StefanKa. My default skin now. Thanx \m/
  19. That is a really cool idea. Nice work.
  20. I do have to reload all the widgets after Avedesk start. They are there but I cant access them.
  21. I run 2 monitors @ 2560x1024 and have had no problems. I do run Ultramon. Maybe its resolution specific?
  22. Isnt POV-Ray a renderer? I dont use it but friends do.
  23. I agree. They used to be really nice. But I do understand their decision. Sites arent cheap.
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