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  1. Please be sure to check out our website for the latest information. There are so many threads all over the internet on Cairo that the team and I cannot answer all of your questions. We have our own website and forum for this reason. Nevertheless, just as a quick summary, we have started building Cairo from scratch after one of our main developers went missing (still is after almost 2 months) and have a tentative alpha release date of June 29, 2008. As development progresses, we will be posting live screenshots, and possibly video. For more information and discussion please visit our website
  2. We have decided not to open source Cairo as we feel it is in the best interest for our community and for ourselves. By consolidating development to our original team, we can remain focused and diligent in our efforts and protect our investment in Cairo's development.
  3. With an alpha coming out soon, we will be making videos only for ou feature tours later on when development is almost done. Thanks for the support everyone!
  4. Thank you. The team and I are facing a quandary. Many people encourage Cairo to mimic OS X, taking the best parts from Windows and the best parts from Leopard. On the other hand, we have people saying they wish Cairo looked less like OS X and that they don't value it's present form. We will see how this plays out over the coming months, but this is a very interesting ideological split.
  5. Someone mind translating this for me...
  6. @Evan: Cairo will support multiple languages though our plugin system. @DarkDragon: We have no plans to use DWM at this time unless we use an ms.style with AERO capabilities.
  7. All of these questions are addressed in the Aqua-Soft developer interview. Take a look =) http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=47231
  8. When porting it to XP, we hope to maintain all the same functionality.
  9. We are hoping *fingers crossed* for some form of skinning available in Cairo. If memory serves me right, there may have been mention of css/html... I will update on this when I get more information.
  10. Samurize Leopard Bar ObjectDock with Matonga's stacks docklet
  11. We are hoping to provide users with the best shell for Windows. OS X has many useful features that we hope to expand upon. If there are enough requests for certain functionality in Cairo, we will do our best to provide our community with what they want.
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