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  1. so what do you guys do. I mean even the icons on the desktop are huge. The only way to fix that is to not show the desktop, or use some program like icon x which kind of stinks cause you have to run it which takes up ram.
  2. Yes, I know how to do it that way, but it changes all the icons in the whole system. I would like to just change the tile size if possible.
  3. I know this is kind off topic, but I was wondering. Is it possible to change the windows tile view size? If so please do tell. Thanks.
  4. Here's the wallie. 1920x1200 For more resolutions go here http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=444
  5. I actually went ahead and used stardock. I added a tab dock and it worked perfectly. It uses way less resources than rocket dock. Thanks for the help all. I take back my previous comment. Thanks all
  6. Yeah I have plus, but I just dont like it. lol I really like that quote you have there phantom lord.
  7. yeah sounds good, I await the release then.
  8. yeah I just decided to stay with one. Don't want too many things running anyways, whats the point. Oh by the way I really like that stack docklet of yours its real cool. Good job mate.
  9. yeah rklauncher is a little different from the docks Ive used. But object dock doesn't have the minimize affects like rocketdock has, if I'm not mistaken.
  10. hmm, is rklauncher less of a resource hog. And is it compatible with rocketdock themes and docklets?
  11. Is it possible to have two rocketdocks running. If so, how?
  12. Ok, thanks I will go and give that a try. Uhh the icons I'm using came with alienguise, the xenomorph theme. If you want I can host them for you? {{UPDATE}} Well I got it done, but it still makes my other icons in the start menu larger, and the ones in the save as menu larger too. I guess I'll just use tweakui for that. {{EDIT}} Here are the icons, I uploaded them. http://www.mediafire.com/?9dxynwpynzy
  13. Yeah, but how do I do it in styler? Can you give me some instructions?
  14. How do I do it with styler toolbar? Do you have a link to a tutorial? And possibly a download link.
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