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  1. my laptop,cellphone and my amazon kindle lately.
  2. Hello to all!it's been a long time since my last post!For me it would depend on the individual needs. In my country Philippines #1 is friendster. Friendster is very popular and the same time deceiving hehehe... Among others are multiply and facebook which most of the rich people in the Philippines been using it . I got my accounts on the following : http://www.eskwela.com/ , friendster, facebook, twitter, Flickr . I deleted my account in myspace and hi5. IMHO, the battle for social networking supremacy is getting hotter so we can expect more innovative social networking sites to come out very
  3. Just watched episode 72 of the anime series Naruto Shippuuden. Naruto is one of my all-time favorite narratives. Plus,I'm having an awesome Sunday morning in the Singapore after watching the full episode rundown of the first episode of season 5 of House, MD. Ah, spoilers are love.
  4. My all-time favorite is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because of its dialogue. (How can you not love dialogue written by brilliant writers like Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon?) I love the puns employed by Buffy and company in their fight against evil.
  5. If you wants a productive and drama-less week,explored your mac manual and browse your new friend.I spent some of my long hours doing some upgrading on all of my machines. When it came to my mac, the upgrading and maintenance so easy and I got the better access to iTunes so I thought I'd do some research when I use it.
  6. Despite the rising cost of living, many of us still have money to spend for recreation and fun. Restaurants, malls and other entertainment establishments are still brimming with apparently contended people who seem to be carrying magical wallets and purses that never run out of money. Amid the darkening economic horizon, many of us can still afford to have a good laugh with their families and friends. We will survive by staying happy however hard life may get.
  7. Obviously, I'm not busy at this moment, and I think this is the time for sharing: A decade ago my elder sister and I were playing aggressively with toy cars when we started to fight. In a fit of anger, I threw one of the small metal cars at her, and it hit her on the head. My mom was distressed when she returned home to find my elder sister with a large bruise on her forehead. when she asked my dad about it, he unwittingly replied---much to my mother's fright and our delight --- "she got hit by a car." Hehehe.............
  8. Amazing what iWeb can do! I enjoyed using iWeb because it made it easier and I felt like the outcome was much neater and more detailed.
  9. I laughed when I read your post . FYI,i know from the start that this thread was a joke. With all your credentials, what would you like to accomplish by this, ?!? You could say whatever you want, I'm just giving my opinion.The world's population is around 6.6 billion and so on. That's 6.6 billion different histories altogether, each one with it's own context language and culture. This means that we should be open-minded and the thread you made can be viewed by anyone. I know that you're affected somehow for what I said, but don't take it personally.
  10. I'm afraid that this thread is erroneous information. Well, I must say that this discussions isn't funny and as a woman, I find this offensive. I'm just thinking, that some little kid may stumble upon this thread and then read the nonsense someone wrote and click the link ... I think we should be careful and same time be responsible even we're online. Just my opinion, so don’t take it personally.
  11. This was an old thread. Ummmm can you have both ?! . i would go just about anything to be in the between !
  12. So far it was okei, I don't encounter any problem. Well congrats for updating the board!!!
  13. IMHO,they're all the same,because as time goes by, each 1 tries to outdo the other - and it's never ending story.Currently I'm a user of Eudora 8 which got the thunderbird w/code & GUI elements and apple mail which gave me a little headache because of enron mails that showed up my inbox.
  14. The apple ones are more expensive, but also are usually better made. Probably it can run the best of both worlds.So while in the hardware arena you give up some choice by going Apple, you get twice the operating system choice you do normally from a PC. Heck, the percentage is actually less…in a good way…x86-based Linux will run perfectly fine on in Apple unit.
  15. Holiday season is a time for family. for nation and for humanity. It is a time for humility and charity. Let not commercialization spoil for us the true message of the birth of Christ, which is to save humanity from its sins of greed, unbridled ambition and opportunism. Let this season be a joyful reminder of a time to hold our hands and pray for peace, harmony and joy for all mankind.Be well, stay warm, and enjoy some time with your families or friends. God Bless us all!
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