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  1. Got it ! The source displayed in "Mods.html" isn't correct (for the breadcrumb) because the <pre> isn't working as you expected (at least in FF3) : all the html tags are rendered. So when I copy / paste the source I get everything except the html tags, that makes a big difference ^^
  2. Sorry no, I just began testing. But it's a default install with a default config...
  3. That was quick, thanks Messenger looks good now, thanks. The checkbox problem happens only with Firefox (and it's not specific to a certain page). For the breadcrumb hack, my class_display.php is default, I replaced the specified lines without touching them as my skin ID is already 4. Did I miss something ?
  4. Hi, I'm testing the skin on a local install of IPB 2.3 (latest). I've modified the source as detailed in the "Mods.html" file but the nested breadcrumb doesn't work. You can see the result in "Picture 1" (the _setid is correct). Also, all the messenger's templates are unskinned (Picture 2). And there is a little bug (height too big) everytime there is checkbox in a table's header (Picture 3). There ain't any easy solution for that as we can't set the checkbox's height but it might look better with a thicker background. Thanks Thibaut
  5. Timan, do you have an idea when you'll release the update ? Thanks.
  6. I'm about to open my website, can I expect a "Leopard" version of the skin within 2 or 3 weeks ? I hesitate to try it myself...
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