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  1. Ummm... well I'm new to anything pretty much on this website, (any section/program its about) well im specific, I want something to show on my desktop, thats semi-small, scrollable if more text is applied in it, and it takes the RSS feed info (I also don't know what that would give me) and basically copy pastes the word of the day into it, keeps previous ones (even if it saves them on my comp) and lets me see those too... and thanks for the suggestions nick :] ill go find some kind of RSS widget... any perticular preference to one over another? or maybe just you hate one?
  2. Is there someway to use RSS feeds to make a script that shows like, the word of the day from dictionary.com, and the definition? To clarify what i know of samurize, I have a post just below this, and I created a small player to sit on top of all programs, that was mean (havent figured out how) to scroll, artist, track name, track number, maybe album, and track time. (it shows track name, had play/pause,skip forward, skip back) And i have Photoshop, and am fully capable there. I REALLY want to get something similar to that (word of the day), can someone inform me of what this would take, and we
  3. Hey, so I'm new to samurize, but I'm interested, very much so. I've been searching around the forum for a Windows Media Player controller, that is horizontal, small enough to go over just the bar on the top of any program (windows, or mac, which ever is smaller) that has, play,pause,next,back, shows the track, track number, and time of track... It's really specific, I know, but I wanted to know A, if its already been done, and B, if not, where can I get a large database of simple tuts for creating something of the sorts, that has controls, even if its EXTREMELY simple, im talking, make a clock
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