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  1. Any more invites left? Please... Thank you
  2. Im trying to find a media organizer for my collection of TV Shows. One that will both rename and re-organize files based on Series, Season, and Episode Number.
  3. Personally i use gaim for my aim client. I think it also supports msn and plenty others. You can pick it up at http://gaim.sourceforge.net/
  4. unfortunately miranda currently only supports msn avatars
  5. unfortunately i've tried the other ones, they don't seem to be updating... could it be that my configuration is set up incorrectly? also, what im talking about is the actual "ieview part" of the message window. The avatar will update on the lower right.
  6. Is there a possibility to have miranda automatically update the MSN Avatar for the user in an open chat? Of course without having to re-open the window and start the chat over with... I've tried the autoload plugin, but with no avail. Any help would be much apreciated, also forgive me if im posting in the wrong sub-forum. Im currently using the following plugins: bigicons ieview skin 1.2 ieview autoloadavatar tabsrmm
  7. The movie was great, even though I had to settle for the 12:30 showing :mad:. I do think Lucas did a wonderful job bringing the first trilogy, and the Star Wars movies to a close. The movie tied up all the loose ends needed, and even some extra's that really made the movie. Those who weren't impressed, I feel sorry for you
  8. Wow, great icons... Just in time for the premier of episode 3 ... I've got tickets to the 12:30 am showing :cool:
  9. Anyone have the itunes docklet avaliable for y'z dock? Dockex.com is down
  10. Great work... One bug that i've run into is since the update my trash icon now has a running indicator under it, must be because its linked to explorer... is there a way to disable the indicator below?
  11. Anyone here from florida? Clermont FL, here. Looks like were getting a couple hurricanes (at least one so far) running through. Charley was just declared a hurricane, and we'll feel the effect here by Friday, 50mph winds. Board up yer windows fellers... While i head to the beach, yee haw... :woot:
  12. Gotta give props to MlMac great multi-protical p2p App. Uses everything from fastrack (Kazaa) to eDonkey. You can grab it at http://www.abyssoft.com/software/mlmac/
  13. The new ichat av has webcam and audio. Only problem is you'll need to have both using it.
  14. Case - 24c Cpu - 45c Not sure why there's a huge difference
  15. I've had similar problems with the nforce audio. I would get alot of scratchy noises coming from the speakers when there is high cpu usage. After replacing the speakers i knew it was the soundcard. I ended up uninstalling the Nvidia Soundstorm drivers, and using realtek's ac97 drivers.
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