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  1. Thanks, I'll give it a try. Glad to see this site is still active.
  2. Thanks kavin, you have really made my day. I lost my Mom this morning to a stroke. But I look at the good in all. This is a good theme.
  3. Great job on this package kavin, thanks so much for all your time and effort. And thanks to all others who contributed!
  4. Thanks, sounds cool. I'll give this a try.
  5. Hay thanks zorda75, this is a much awaited for theme. I love it!
  6. This is my favorite theme for WB (for now). Thanks for the port duyvan82, and I look foward to the update if you release.
  7. Thanks so much Landvermesser, I learn something new. That worked perfectly. Now I need not fear messing with the tray clock.
  8. I have a problem after using this clock and switching back to windows clock. My clock area is now 2x wider than before. I deleted the app folder. Is there a reg key I could edit to get back the default clock area width? Any help would be appreciated. (for now I use LClock to get a normal width clock, but when I close LClock the width goes back to 2x problem caused by MacClock) Thanks.
  9. Thanks sky, this is my favorite theme now. It's so sexy!
  10. MartinGy2k


    I gotta say I like this theme a lot. I'd like a darker variation (the white parts are too bright for my taste). But still a very well done theme. I like the rounded one most. Maybe the color of Lie theme wouldn't be too bright.
  11. I've been sitting in front of this screen so long it's hard to get up. I have my monitor on the coffee table and my mouse next to me on the couch. In Dec I got a Honda 750 Shadow so now I go have some fun. Aqua-Soft is always here and life would be somehow different without it.
  12. Another fantastic theme! Thanks so much.
  13. I love this theme, looks great with zerroeffect's Eternal Aqua Safire Graphite
  14. I would also like to know. I tried to change it myself but no luck.
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