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  1. how do you make masks( for the skins) in photoshop?
  2. i got a question how do you activate wallpaper reflection it was working in the older version 5.2.3
  3. OMG my skin is on thier im gonna make 2 more skins and update the other ones so you guys better enjoy it !!!!
  4. i got an idea, all the dock companies made a 2d dock in the beginning like tigers dock, but didn't seem like they copied it (objectdock) so why don't we make a skin like leopards but not really like it the indicators don't have to be the same the design doesn't have to be the same neither does the style
  5. in my science computer lab we have g1 imacs its funny as hell, you know what else is crazy the math department has g4 imacs doesn't even use them
  6. service pack 3 runs pretty nice on my comp and its old too
  7. you know whats funny in my school they got the ENTIRE cs3 suite in all the computers in the library and in the science wing
  8. http://manufn619.deviantart.com/art/Bohahahaha-102302929 Happy Halloween
  9. here are some of the bugs i found fisrt do not put a Xdocklet or esle it goes crazy and also like when you hover over the icons its jumpy also the stack grid effect is kind of slow compared to the older 4.8 but good job on the separator shadow effects and skin selection thank you for the dock and im eargerly waiting for the next version
  10. pretty odd, are you sure it wasn't any other skin
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