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  1. Hi Timan, I donated in the past, how can access to this skin? Thank Timan. Aragon.
  2. Thanks a lot Timan. I waited for so long to upgrade my forum from 3.6.x to 3.7.x. Cheers,
  3. Hi friends, Just wondering that do we have any plan to make Aqua-Soft skin for Drupal? While Drupal become more and more popular, Aqua-Soft skin for it will be one choice many people wish. I just found one here: drupal.org/project/aquasoft. However, it seems that this project is not from Official Aqua-Soft, a little bit "ugly" and really out-of date (from 2006). So, hope that someone would give a feedback about this issue. Aragon,
  4. I have just make donation to [email protected]****.com. However, I can not find out where I could put my username on Paypal payment system. How can I access to skin download please? Thanks mate.
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