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  1. @ DoubleD No man , i was thinking what if someone would make one better than this one ... oh and sorry about that tag , my bad... ______ Why do y`all think at warez ?????
  2. A app that i`ve found... StkyeNote 9.0 www.tenebril.com 20 bucks >.< :staffs here: (If you`re smart u understand what i`m saying) :naughty: Bye
  3. I would really like an map route >>> rp.rac.co.uk www.maporama.fr or/and an Phonebook or something like that
  4. Happy birthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Oh wati faskfsd d .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN ! ----- I think i`m drunk
  5. Maybe 200 it`s not so much <_
  6. GOOD GOD THAT`S THE SPIRIT Too bad i can`t afford a G5 Hell ithen a g4 right now
  7. Man i don`t want to be a d!ck I know what`s Lian Li Anyway i`ve said that if we want something like G5 case`s well have to mod a existing one Don`t we?? And i don`t like how the new case look My 2 cents
  8. Ok you`re right but i can mod a case like the one u`ve posted Don`t I ??? But it has to be nicer >.<
  9. I know wahat PC means but i think y`all got the ideea Anyway where could i get something like that ??? I mean a case
  10. I was wondering if i could put my pc comp. in a g5 case??? If yes where could i buy one ?? And if no , man i hope i can , but if i cann`t how could i modd a pc case to have the look of G5 front panel (those dots, holes ...) ??? And NO i won`t buy a G5 ppc . Too expensive for me... _edit_ oh wait.. >.< i`ve loked at some pics i think we can`t the arangement is weird .. oh well ..
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