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  1. Maybe he does not have enough time. We should wait.
  2. Is it possible to make this graphics that related to border shadow transparency on the next skin version so people can change their background instantly and no need to edit these graphics everytimes they wanna change background picture or color caption_left.gif caption_right.gif shad_bot.gif shad_sides.gif I try to change this graphics to .png transparent and it's look okay but still have two problems on the Top-Left Border - Top Right Border and Bottom Left Border - Bottom Right Border Top-Left Border - Top Right Border I use transparent files caption_left.png and caption_right.png but still have bg color Bottom Left Border - Bottom Right Border Same above still have bg color and I also edit css file I try to remove color in .shadbotleft and .shadbotright like this But it's still show blue color if I use background as basic color so it doesn't haveproblem because I can change color to suit my bg color but if I use picture as my bg so it doesn't work The next release can you make the skin comfortable to adaptation ex. people can change background color or background image by only use Admin Control Panel > Style Template > Edit > Body (Customized in this Style) and no need to work with graphics or css file Thanks Timan
  3. I would like to change background picture and color..
  4. Thank Timan {{EDIT}} and how to chagne background picture
  5. Can I have your additional templates too I also need first page style like www.aqua-soft.org
  6. WOW!!! Sound Great!! I'm waiting for it ^^
  7. Sorry that I used it before asking you.. I very like :mad: your new Aqua-Soft 3.5 style so cant wait until next update then I change only some background graphics to suit new style I ripped from here .. http://www.lnwlnw.com/forum
  8. Thank for quick reply. I like your new style especially header and background It's look like web2.0 and look better when use safari.
  9. I mean skin version 3.5 that you are using not vbulletin version.
  10. When Aqua-Soft skin v3.5 will be released? It's so nice And another thing what difference between 5$ 10$ 15$ 20$ and 25$ subscriptions cost in Available Subscriptions because all same 5 years
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