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  1. Yah nice, opera is a good browser........i may star to use it.
  2. Hello, i am a mozilla user and i would like to know your opinion about mozila seamonkeys, if it is better them firefox. Sorry my bad writting, i'm protuguese. lol
  3. There is a Portuguese Forum about programing, it is: http://proind.portbb.com/ If there is any portuguese programer here plese join now. Eu sou o admistrador
  4. Thank you all so very much, I'm new here but i realy like this forum.
  5. HEY HEY really nice, maybe in Christmas I'll buy one.
  6. Kaelron e Phantom_Lord, thanks for the explanation any way i meant apps like photo shop, cd burners, internet browsers like firefox, WIW apps like winrar and winavi. And also i would like to now it i can link my nokia cellphone and sony psp to it.
  7. i know python but i quit because its hard to compile to windows .exe
  8. Hello Aqua-Soft!! I'm new here and I am lately thinking about buying a laptop but whit Linux, i just don't know if some programs wont work in it like in windows. So can i buy a laptop whit Linux and work in it like windows? Thanks
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