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  1. Stefanka, you are a god. I'm using this right now... I love it! I'm up for that NeXplorer skin, when / if you decide to release it.
  2. That's weird... for me "Normal window" works just fine... I have no idea why it would be different on another machine... but for now I'll just rub it in your faces A guy needs to have some pride ....
  3. I thought he said "How DO you cover-up the clock" btw... on my computer, if I set the desklet to "Normal Window" it stays on top of the taskbar too... and it doesn't cover-up any fullscreen apps.
  4. Just set the desklet to "Always on top" in desklet properties.
  5. My first wall... I made it for the new site I'm making, 7R0J4N Walls. It will mainly focused on skinning and wall design... mabye programming if I learn a bit more code. I wish I could get my own domain... but I can't afford ANYTHING right now :rant:, so I'll just have to stick with home.cogeco.ca/~user.
  6. Sorry I didn't post a screenie... but I don't have enough space on this topic :rant:. Does anybody know how I can make the face turn black at night and white in the morning? I tried this a few times... but I can't find the right code... :cry:
  7. Here's a new skin I've been working on. It took me a couple of hours to finish it... but I'm still making minor adjustments to the ini file. I need to master my !bang commands... this is my first Rainmeter skin :cry: . When I get around to updating it, I hope to make it so that when you click the clock face it opens up the time settings dialogue, but when you click the flip icon you get the opposite ini (e.g. if you're running AM you get PM) I would appreciate lots of comments Dashboard.zip
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