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  1. I'm curious will beta have min/max genie effect. I hope so, because that is the main feature of your dock that made me using it Regards, Wasko
  2. Grate looking! BUT instaler asked me to update some files in windows, i clicked yes and then windows restarted, i open instaler again and it again ask for update. i don't know what is happening.
  3. Focusin looks SO COOL!!! How is developing going? I'm really exited about this.
  4. Aqua was the most beautiful interface ever seen in OS. And when i say that i also meaning a brushed metal. I hate new leopard look. I think i am last person here whose desktop look like this in these days.
  5. Hey, i need it too!!! I would kill for multi plugin for iTunes 4. Please is there anybody who have such old multi plugin???
  6. If on vista is same as xp, then go to my computer properties and under advanced chose apperance, then setings in performance group, then visual efects tab and unchek minimiye efect.
  7. @ Lesa00 and Bobah: Are you talking about function that ObjectDock have, to resize whole dock to smaller when many items is showing on the dock, so everything can be shown? That would be great.
  8. Same thing is happening on my computer. I'm not sure which action on dock is making it to react like that.
  9. Here it is: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/attachment....04&d=1197788336
  10. Can somebody tell me does new iTunes on windows looks same on mac (Traffic lights on the left)? I asking this because on the Apple site in download section for iTunes there is a screenshot of iTunes ass it used to bee on mac, and there is no how it look on windows.
  11. Great, finally somebody did it. Please add launch mail application from docklet, and maybe make it works with RK. Thanks a lot for this.
  12. In that case reinstall it and if the problem happen again, try other dock applications like RKlauncher or ObjectDock. They are both great choice.
  13. You can try with Vista Transformation pack, Google it. It have really nice shell32.dll You can select in the installation wizard to install just shell and icons i think.
  14. look in task manager and see how much CPU is used with RocketDock, maybe it is not working well. If it not, try to reinstall application. Is same thing happen when you try to open any shortcut or just explorer windows? Try with drag them to the dock instead of map them.
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