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  1. the preview image is broken. might want to fix it~
  2. The development of GDI++ project stopped a long time ago... Anyone who want to make a 64bit version will have to start all over again... So, I chose to stay in 32-bit just for GDI++.
  3. Nice theme man~ Now i don't need to use a OSX Visual Style to suit the button~
  4. well, I have to say that this is really different from the "Stacks docklet" you mentioned. this one from the author is fully based on SysStats, and it's prettier obviously...... or by the way, is it possible to make the "Stacks docklet" look like this in AVE desk?
  5. I recently found a pic of this on DA. the link: http://asurot.deviantart.com/art/Show-in-May-85626739 And the author said that he just used SysStats to created the stack-like desklet. I really loooooove this stack desklet. But just couldn't get in touch with the author. So here I am for help!!!! Does anyone know how to make something like this in SyaStats?? Oh I forgot to mention that the entire DOCK is fake. Actually it's just a group of AVE desklets. and the dock background is drew in the wallpaper.
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