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  1. It is no longer an image, but it doesn't fit on the forum here It can be seen over here
  2. If this site crashes, I apologize. This guide was heavily dugg on PMPCR (the original site it was hosted on), and the server went haywire @ ~ 1500 vistors as soon as it made the front page of Digg..... so I told everyone to see it here since I didn't have a viable mirror and Google cache failed... traffic 4 you guys, if your servers can keep up http://digg.com/microsoft/Top_30_Vista_twe...ricks_and_hacks
  3. Edited: No longer relevant. Mod please delete this post
  4. Bump; added guide to the OP
  5. Each core represents a logical process, and the tweak applies to mulit-core CPU's as well as multi-CPU set-ups. On a Skulltrail mobo with twin QX9775s for example, you can set the number to 8. On a P5KE with a single QX9650, you can set it to 4. Open Task Manager on a multi-core CPU.... it shows each core as a seperate CPU. Want to know the odd part? With multi-threading on a single core, you can only boot as if you have a single logical CPU, but Task Manager will display twin CPUs.... go figure.
  6. Not trying to double post, but it seems that all the discussion takes place over here, not in the Vista forum With that in mind, I should have posted here first but regardless, see this post
  7. The guide is over here; it has been changed from an image to HTML, and many new sections were added... and the size of it exceeds this forums maximum over 10-fold Error "The text that you have entered is too long (144879 characters). Please shorten it to 10000 characters long."
  8. Hey guys, this has been interesting... over at overclock.net, I created a thread on Creative's "issues" which broke a crap load of records, 80K+ views in > 48 hrs, Front page digg, reddit, consumerist, boycottcreative.com, etc... Word is it was due to pressure by Creative, but overclock.net deleted the thread leaving people from over 400 ref backs to see a "invalid link" error... including thousands from Digg... anyway, they reinstated it but edited and closed... See also http://digg.com/hardware/Creative_s_EPIC_Fail for the whole story on Creative
  9. Zomg I fogot about this forum... someone sent me a spam PM and I got an email... guess I might stick around a bit again; been spending too much time on overclock.net
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=8XgMDeUVHCs lmfao
  11. The next Windows in "Windows 7", albeit technically there is a small release of Windows 2008 coming (which is more like XP SP3 than anything). Windows 7 is scheduled for early 2009.... guess Microsucks is giving up on Vista already! Here is what's funny: by calling it Windows 7, Microsoft is also admitting that ME doesn't count as an OS (I call it a virus).... do the math :-)
  12. Next will be 10.5.2, of course. I think that 11 will be the next big one, though
  13. Nice, original work. What are you using? I have CS3, but I find that Photo Pos Pro is easier and more intuitive to work with.
  14. Now, I am sure that everyone knows already, but for those who don't know: head on over to stardock.com and grab the new Window Blinds... free for 30 days. I liked it so much, I bought it. In the full version, you can custom create your own skins to any detail you can think of..... even you n00bs should be able to create something pimp :-)
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