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  1. Hello everyone Is this a bug or is there something that would fix this?
  2. {this applies to all icons in xp} so that i'd only click the folder name.
  3. how can i change the shutdown screen or just disable -not the box where you choose restart,logoff etc.- its the screen which shows shutting down
  4. is there any programs that can make scrolling in windows explorer smoother?
  5. is there any program or way to customize the tooltip or balloon tip appearance?
  6. how can u have those borders around the thumbnails?
  7. is there a aqua or milk type themes?
  8. how can you make those sharp edges round like a mac?
  9. how can i get thumbnail border such as this one http://smilingcamel.deviantart.com/art/ss0...murize-71688507
  10. damn! thats wow i was wondering how did he make the thumbnail have those borders
  11. is there a way we can have the highlight thing when we click an icon like in mac have on windows? [beside avedesk]
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