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  1. ok i was wundering how to script itunes (to add plugins into it) ive serched google but all i come up with is the multimedia keybord shortcuts
  2. go to http://www.pluginsworld.com/ lots of plug ins for itunes and other apple products go to http://www.benjaminstrahs.com/ ares tube
  3. ok i downloaded itunes+MP and now i cant change visulizers what do i do to fix this
  4. o and a tab finder for all of us guitar/base players out there i remeber seeing a mod for it but it would be cool if it was in itunes and not a sepret program.....
  5. thanks a lot! woops srry i new to this thingy and i didnt think it posted them
  6. http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes/ this is a link to filehippo.com on the right in green is all the itune versions just click on the 1 u want then click download this version very helpfull for downgraiding to use the mp
  7. if eny of these are posible...... a link to youtube from itunes under "store" along with itunes store a mix. pad/ audio mixer a direct recorder (if u make music via computer mic. u could get the sound clips u make to go strate to itunes) 3 big things yes but it would totaly pimp out itunes
  8. im downloading "itunes 7 +MP" (becouse i curently dont have itunes instaled becouse i had 7.3 so i removed it and was going to install 7 but i desided to just instal the 1 with the mp) .... (6minutes left) .... (47%) ... (95% yay almost there) ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ "windows has found a problem with this file. name: iTunes+MP.exe publisher: Unkown Publisher ___________________________________ this file was blocked becouse it douse not have a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher. what is a digital signa
  9. when i try to install the Mplugin it makes me update itunes to the newest version (wich Mpluggin isent compatible with) then i try to download itunes7+ Mplugin but my computer wont let me download it becouse there isent a publisher ID what do i do!?!?!
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