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  1. Many bluescreen errors are either software, driver or memory related. If it's a software fault, simply remove the offending program. Test your computer in safe-mode first and see if it still crashes. Check your computer for any malicious software too - spyware is often poorly written. Check startup programs and eliminate anything that you are sure is unnecessary. If it's a driver issue the screen should say what file is responsible (down the bottom). Work out what device the file belongs to, then find an updated driver If it's a consistent memory issue, you may need to test your RAM. If you
  2. Are you using line-out from the dock connector, or headphone jack? The signal from the dock connector output should be full volume and sound almost perfect.
  3. For extracting icons in a SITX on PC, you need to tell Stuffit Expander to extract the resource fork as well.
  4. That's an MPEG-4 to MPEG-1 conversion. FFMpegX should be able to handle that for you. http://homepage.mac.com/major4/
  5. A Google search for "Lokai Shadow Service" turns up some hits: http://www.google.com.au/search?q=lokai+sh...:en-US:official
  6. The fact is some programs use non-standard methods to create their toolbars.
  7. Seeing as you can get BootCamp for free now, I say get a mac asap. Upgrade to leopard when it arrives. It may be a small extra cost, but would you rather wait till next year?
  8. While I prefer doing things in code, here's a Macromedia tutorial on how to use Dreamweavers layers: http://www.macromedia.com/support/dreamwea...y/using_layers/ Check out the chapter on changing the layer stacking order. Good luck.
  9. gtn


    Just what I've always wanted! How did you know?
  10. That's right - you need the correct ntoskrnl for your windows version. You're trying to use the 64-bit kernel to load 32-bit windows.
  11. I had this a while ago - it's a driver issue (mine turned out to be my TV card). Does the bluescreen mention a IRQ or a filename? - If it shows an IRQ, go to Device Manager and view "Resources by type". Look for IRQ conflicts. - If it shows a filename, work out what driver/device it belongs to. - Uninstall the device in Device Manager and let Windows auto-detect the device again. - If you still get crashes, update/rollback the driver to any other compatible driver. Best of luck!
  12. The first place to look would be explorer.exe. There might also be something tucked away inside shell32.dll (or maybe not - can't remember )
  13. Here you go: Tiger Folders v2.0 (Converted PNGs)
  14. I'd check heat and PSU before drivers and system software. You should also be able to check temperatures in BIOS straight after any crash. Also try setting the bios back to "safe defaults". It's also possible that one of the drivers in your system is crashing the system. I recently setup an Intel laptop that was crashing due to intel chipset drivers (included with the laptop on CD). Are crashes totally random, or do they usually happen when you're doing something in particular? That's all the advice I can offer for now.
  15. Check out musikcube and wxMusik as alternatives as well. http://www.musikcube.com/ http://musik.berlios.de/html/home.html
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