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  1. I am looking for a free data recovery program I moved the music in my itunes from my Mac HD to an external drive and lost some of my songs, I had already deleted the itunes folder on my internal drive and the songs were not on my iPod so i was not able to do a reverse transfer from my ipod to add the songs back to itunes. any ideas??
  2. I agree with Levi on the fact that if you are using the computer for large files like photo or video editing you can get a performance boost from a raid, but there is more then one way to set up a raid i can't remember the raid #'s but here is what they do. you will need two identical drives to do a raid set up so if you have one 250GB HD in drive c you will need the same in drive D, you can set it up with the mac pro to use up to 4 drives. you can set up a raid to mirror you drive, i.e. ( drive C and D will have a mirror ) this will write the same info to 2 drives giving you a back up of e
  3. I do like the new iMac's and have looked at them in the store, I would like to have a laptop but i can still use my old laptop for a while longer, if i go with the iMac i am not sure if i want to go with the 24 in 2.4GHz or the 2.8GHz model, since i have a 22 in LCD if i upgrade to a new computer i think that i should go for the 24 in model, or is it worth just getting the 20 in model and using the extra money for larger HD and more RAM.
  4. The MacBook Pro would be a great option but if i am going to spend that kind of money i might as well look at the 2.8GHz Extreme iMac or the Mac Pro due to its upgrade ability I am looking more for a machine that will meet my current needs with a plan like other to look into upgrading or replacing one of my other computers within a couple of years. I try to replace at least one computer every 18 months to 2 years. As my needs and uses change as well I would like to get one now and the next replacement in the next year or so with the other style. I am just tired of having 2 or 3 machines on
  5. I would like some help deciding on my next mac. I currently have a 1.5GHz Power PC Mac Mini with 1GB PC2700 Ram running OS X 10.4, iLife 08, and Adobe CS2, I am wanting to upgrade to an intel mac and be able to run both windows and OS X on it I know that i want to wait till Leopard comes out to buy it but i am torn between getting a 2.0GHZ or a 2.16GHz MacBook or a 2.0GHz iMac. I to travel to locations for some shoots and i sometimes like to do some base editing on location I currently use a 1.4GHz P4 Windows laptop for my on location things (though it is getting to the point of needing to b
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