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  1. Yes, I was wondering since DVD's have more space can I copy music from my Ipod just to store it in case my comp. would crash. Someone have told me you can do this an even play it on your cd player in the car...I have a lot of music I don't wanta lose. Thanks
  2. I am using Win XP, and as far as I know I havn't downloaded anything to create this problem. What is happening is when I open up yahoo from my comp desktop icon. it will not open the yahoo browser. it just keeps trying to open, But while it trying to open I can go into my favorites and select anything from it and it will open. I am using AT&T and if I open the browser icon for it ,it will open ok. I have ran spyware remover and did find a few things and clean them. I also ran my norton and checked for virus's but none. I am also getting a few popups. which I also have Yahoo popup blocker a
  3. I have a HP laptop about 3 yrs. old and I have never opened a lap top up before. I would like to add more ram . Is there a site that i can go to to study about updating laptops. Thanks.
  4. I ordered a new power supply and it took care of the problem...
  5. Are there fuses in the comp. if so, how would I late them..
  6. Ok here's where I'm at.... I unplugged the comp. from outlet. Held in power button for about 30 sec pluged back in still nothing. Did same thing turn switch on back of power switch the 115 watt or 2??? something and switched back and forward. set back to where it's suppose to be . Tried again still nothing. Took off cover of tower unplugged each device one at a time Mother board CD/DVD drive etc.. just to see if one of these could be a problem. Still nothing. Tried new power cord and used another outlet which is working on other thing light a light ...etc..... What do you think. Is ther
  7. Tried the above and it didn't work. any other suggestion
  8. I'll give it a try. I'm at work now but i'll call home and hve my wife to give this a try.... Thanks.. I'll get back and let you know if this work.
  9. I have a 1 1/2 yr old HP desktop and it's been working fine ..no problems. It wanted to add Microsoft updates and said comp. needs to shutdown and to use shutdown instead of restart shutdown to add these updates. So I went to start... shutdown comp... The comp. shut as normal. But when i tried to power it back up there is no power. Even with the comp. off there is a light that show you have power. This light isn't on either. So I un plug the comp and tried another outlet still nothing. I let the comp. set overnight because i thought it might be hot which it wasn't.. I tried to turn it back on
  10. Thanks Wizard.. This has clear things up. I have already set the securty up but wanted to be sure since I'm new at this. Thanks Again
  11. I have DSL and its connected to 400 Mbps but when my lap top connects it's say 54 mbps. Should it be the same as my desktop. If not how can I set it to better speed? Also I have a question about my securety settigs, how will I know if someone else is connected to my wirelessand ithey are how can I prevent this? I have a Dytex card and router....Thanks...
  12. When I try to open a site on the internet that support windows media player and play it... it opens up the windows media but I don't see any buffering unless it's so fast...it jusy say ready. When I select to play the media it does nothing. This was working before I don't know what happened.
  13. I use winavi converter to Ipod..Just open winavi select DVD to ipod and select DVD in disk in your drive and select the folder to where you want it and convert it there. this take a little time .Then when done converting I open Itune and movie folder to where you put the movie and drag and drop over in Movies on your ipod. This is real easy... do a search for winavi and go to home page...Hope this helps.
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