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  1. Hey are u using vista? How did u get that styler bar to work??
  2. Hey Nikola how did u get rid of the bar that usually sits below the address bar? The one that says "Organize, View, System Properties" etc
  3. I still cant get that code to work with subfolders and how many files/folders there are in a folder etc.
  4. makes the original icon smaller
  5. yeh forgot to note I am using 64-bit lol sorry
  6. That doesn't work drewzee, maybe because my itunes is saved in "Program Files (x86)" folder?
  7. By how much? What size should the canvas be? Because I've got various icons from all over the place with different dimensions
  8. Its not up yet on HGUI. I think its still in Beta stages
  9. Wow, ur using one with Vista? how? Which version?
  10. This only creates the reflection, not the image + refelction
  11. hey dude, ur using vista right? how are u getting that information under the pdilshortcut on avedesk? Like 106mb 200 stuff etc.?
  12. I used ireflector once, but it reduces the image size by like half!
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