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  1. The graphics hardware is irrelevant in the cheaper sector. Intels IGP should at least have Dual-DVI. :-(
  2. And it's still not an emulation. You just try to copy the OS X-look to XP/Vista, that's it. Please, read about emulation.
  3. Who would need applications like PCTuneUp that make the pain of the Registry even more omni-present? I have never seen *any* "Tune"-tool that actually did what it promised. They just ruin the order that is left in the registry. I do not know about Dell, but at least with HP you can still use Windows XP if you dislike Vista. But mocking Vista and still using it, well, that's pathetic.
  4. Yes, but you'll have decide first, if you just want to use another file manager or replace the entire shell, as the explorer.exe also draws the entire GUI of Windows' desktop. If you'd like to try the 2nd, just google for "Windows Shell replacement".
  5. Please, delete this one. I accidentally posted twice.
  6. I can't see how BluRay-media could be playing in real HD in an unmodified OS X-environment, as you need a layer of encryption, in order to be allowed to play the content you paid for. Apple had to add lots of intransparent DRM-layers into their OS, otherwise the content would be downsampled, so there's no reason to even buy Bluray media. I wouldn't touch it, due to the encryption. If I bought something, I'd expect it to work, no matter the OS I am using. as long as the content industry doesn't understand their real customers needs, I say let 'em rot in their own little world until they come to a customer-friendly agreement. That includes no (unskippable) "copying is evil. you are evil"-spots and sueing people who downloaded a few movies. Well... sorry for the OT, but you started it.
  7. From the font-rendering I'd say it's OS X.
  8. My PC and my Laptop both aren't something you could call good looking, but I'd never think about buying a PC that looks like a fracking diskotheque. I hate too much lightning. It's butt ugly, no matter the OS.
  9. It's funny how familiar your old Compaq-laptop looks to my HP Compaq 6720S. I never thought, they'd change so little over the years.
  10. You'll have to insert the .c-"stuff" into the source-tree of Pidgin and then compile it using, configure, make and make install. I didn't take a look at the file or the link, but that should be et. I'd rather wait for a final version that supports these themes. They're nothing but CSS and XHTML, afaik. Now that Pidgin no longer is GAIM, the development is much more active. Thanks AOL.
  11. It's not the panel's manufacturer that matters, but the type of the panel. A TN-panel will never archieve the quality of a higher class panel-type. No one would buy a graphics-display just to play games. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPVA#Types
  12. I was just thinking the same. Either report bugs or shut up, guys.
  13. I think you actually know what "poor" was meant to say in that context, but you couldn't resist, huh? Nice try, good luck next time. Then you are not up to date, because there's already a beta-version of Open Office 3 which will run natively on OS X without X11. It's just like saying "Firefox sucks on OS X" without having tried the latest beta/RC of FF3. There's lots of good free software for OS X and somehow I find lots of Mac-users preferring to be dependant on proprietary software. I don't understand that.
  14. NeoOffice for now, Open Office once version 3 is out of beta. Don't get any MS-Office-version. They're horrible. Don't become one of these poor mac-users who pay for bad software because it looks good.
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