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  1. aim pandora last.fm remote (can't get it to work) google facebook myspace super monkey ball
  2. i doubt you need anyone else, but i certainly would if you would like. speaking of day one...remember the commotion i caused when i posted that screenshot in the monthly desktop thread when avedesk was pre beta? i always get a kick out of that - anyways, as always it's good to see that this train is still rolling and hope all is well with you.
  3. in the back alley next to the crack dealers?
  4. i was looking for something just like this
  5. thank god you didn't ditch this!
  6. bah, give me a real update or give me death
  7. so instead of search the f'n forum it's search the f'n itunes
  8. now we just need to get some stylish ones on that page...
  9. looks promising - with all of the gmail users here i'm sure there will be some collaboration on this!
  10. Lou, can you please tell me how you got that lovely white text over the red in your signature? I bet that was done with layers and linking and rust too! Also what font is it and what size did you use? Thanks!
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