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  1. During the day. But you must know that the picture is an HDR pic (tone mapping).
  2. So, my -ahem- workspace. But yes, it's truely a workspace. Very late nights… Taking some pictures of the Moon with my telescope and my webcam… Just for the fun to expose my MBP to the sea…
  3. A looooooong time without posting in AS (losing my password :/). So, my desktop for this begining of March :
  4. I have no iPhone. But I completely dislike the IE icon for Safari. Why don't use the true Safari icon? And Maps? And Calculator? And Weather? There are lots of mistakes between the icons and the application.
  5. Here it is, in 1920x1200 http://www.db-prods.net/blog/wp-content/up...erac-2-1920.jpg
  6. Thanks KAW . This one of my prefered too. It was during a long long walk through France in 12 days, I keep of that great remembers .
  7. Hi, I want to share you wall that I've made, from photo and one totaly made on Gimp. Here it is (this the iconic sun eclipse with Apple logo ) And a selection of each ones : You can find and download here : http://www.db-prods.net/blog/?p=559
  8. (XWindow dock is an occasion for me to made screenshot… but sshhh… )
  9. And the new MBP is unveiled : There is a glassy/glossy screen. I'm afraid about light reflections… Edit : specs and price : Two 15" models. The first : And the second :
  10. Yes, it's a MBP, but the OS seem to be a screenshot of Windows : look at the top of window and the scroll bar, there is no aqua elements (default UI on mac OS X).
  11. Amazing dock! I've adopt it on my pc, replace perfectly RKLauncher . Can I give some suggestions ? - the possibility to remove icon from the dock in a simple drag and drop "spoof" ; - personnalisation of dock icons without modify original application icon ; - no fade in and fade out while mouse hovering onf icons (just a fade out if the mouse exit the area of the dock) ; - possibility of switch on / switch off icon bouncing while application openning. This is just suggestion to be more close to leopard dock .
  12. Hmmm, in the same thing, there is in France a car location company that have this logo… Close to Finder icon, isnt'it?
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