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  1. I have had no problems at all with the uxtheme patch for vista. It works a treat.
  2. why cant you use it? Its for basic too, only without dwm
  3. *For windows VISTA only* VISTA CLASSIC ------------------- DWM Enabled Windows Classic Style. I have created this Theme/visual style for those of you that want the "Classic Look" along with Aero's DWM features such as Transparency, Flip3D and Live thumbnails. Ideal for the work place A basic theme is included, however to take advantage of the DWM Transparency, Flip3D and live thumbnails, your system must be capable of running the Aero based style. Packed into "easy to use" installer Requires uxtheme patch ------------------------------- Download Auto-Patcher Download Ma
  4. Pack Updated: You now have the choice of having Maximised window transparency or not. Thin Taskbar Mod ---------------------- For Windows Vista Here is a choice of 2 "Standard" Themes, but with different sized Taskbars. Created for those who want a thin taskbar, and for themers to use as a template. Packed into "easy to use" installers Requires uxtheme patch ------------------------------- Download Auto-Patcher Download Manual Patch Files Click here to DOWNLOAD
  5. Now with NEW Start Buttons to choose from Neon Nebular - Aero and Basic Theme Pack for Vista only --------------------------------------------- Launch your Vista into Space I have created this glass theme pack for both 32bit and 64bit Users Download 32bit Neon Nebular Download 64bit Neon Nebular The Theme has Glowing Neon Borders with a futuristic Taskbar. Designed Primarily for Aero Users, however it will still work for Basic Vista without transparency. With over 350 Edited images to create a Space like theme This Theme Pack contains New ----------------------------
  6. Aero Edge - 9 colour ThemePack -------------------------------------- For Windows Aero and Basic Vista Only This is a 9 colour remix of my theme Neon Nebular Aswell as recolouring the whole visual style i have also edited and cleaned up a few images like the start Button. For anyone who has installed my other themes and have not been happy. hopefully you will find that these themes are more professional, as ive spent more attention to detail You have a choice of.. Red , Yellow , Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue, Light Blue and White. plus aero users can adjust the colour an
  7. VistaRemix - 7 colour Aero Theme Pack - by UK.Intel *For Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit Only* Sing Along Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and Blue, here’s a Vista Remix, a VistaRemix for you Hello This is a Theme pack containing 7 different Themes, Most people have a favourite colour So I decided to create one for every day of the week. You might be thinking "but I can colour Aero using the Personalization Applet in Control Panel" So I would just like to point out that my themes add colour to much more. I have edited over 250 Images on Each Theme (approx 1
  8. RedEye - A Red Aero theme - For Windows Vista **UPDATED** I have updated and improved some of the images in this theme. Also this theme is now available for both 32bit and 64bit Users Download 32bit Version Download 64bit Version *NOTE* Before Install you will need the UxTheme Patch from... http://anti-tgtsoft.com/repository/uxtheme...ws%20Vista/SP0/ I have developed this theme simply because i have a red laptop, and the late nights on the computer causing tierd eyes inspired me to call it "RedEye" The Zip Pack includes + Start Up Animation - RedEye Animation (o
  9. Click Here to Download this tutorial (PDF) | Click Here to View this tutorial in German How to make a Visual Style for Windows Vista Getting Started 1. Download and Install The uxTheme Patch from this LINK This will allow you to apply custom themes 2. Download and Install my Theme Template from this LINK This will install a copy of the original aero theme and place all the required files into the correct locations with Jemaho’s Improved Shellstyle, ready for modifying. 3. Download and Install Restorator 2007 from this LINK This is your Tool for extracting and replacing
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