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  1. a good trick. very useful for me. thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I would like to modify my navbar: How can I safely remove the search button? I have difficulties to identify the right code to remove. Thank you.
  3. thanks for the patch. it works great.
  4. Dear Tim, I really thank you. You have solved my problem!
  5. thank you. Even if I use the default postbit legacy, the problem persists. no dates. (if I use the vbulletin default skin I see dates). the date appears only if I set "Automatically Quote Post/Thread Title" to "Yes" in the admin control panel. (but this happens only for the new posts.) Where is my mistake? :slant:
  6. hi, I don't understand why dates do not appear. (only in the first message). I use the same postbit legacy in another forum, but the visualization is ok. can you help me? the skin version is the last and vbulletin is version 3.7.2. thank you very much. postbit_legacy.zip
  7. template-->modifyoptions changed in and now all is ok.
  8. The user group permissions are ok. I see the option if I switch to the default skin, but not in aqua style.
  9. I want to allow members to send email. How to do? thank you.
  10. I mean like that. a template's modification... I suppose. the quote color must be (always) different from the white page's background. thank you.
  11. how I can colorize the background of the quoted post? thank you.
  12. hi, how can modify my "postbit_legacy" to obtain the posts visualized? (as you see in the Attached File) and location? thank you. (forum in vbulletin 3.6.8)
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